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sustainable Park Hyatt Hadahaa SCDA Architects creates a luxury resort that respects the fragile ecology of the Maldives By Michael Webb Photography by Russ Kientsch and Klaus Lorke Sustainability spells survival for the Maldives, a nation of 1,190 islands arranged in 26 atolls that rise an average of just five feet above sea level in the Indian Ocean, and that are at risk over the next decade if the oceans continue to rise. Most of the islands are uninhabited and ideally should remain so, but the country relies heavily on tourism to generate income, which in turn allows them to purchase mainland real estate to which the population can relocate if their home disappears. Maldives Driftwood, an environmentally responsible developer, commissioned the Singapore firm of SCDA Architects to thus work a balancing act of designing a luxury resort for the 20-acre atoll Hadahaa with as little impact as possible. Leased to Park Hyatt, the resort comprises 50 modernist wood villas, airy public spaces, and staff accommodations, all of which were constructed with materials that had to be shipped to the island. Park Hyatt Hadahaa is the first resort in the Maldives to meet the standards for EarthCheck (formerly Green Globes) certification in both the construction stage and resort operations. The resort has a resident marine biologist and EarthCheck coordinator on staff as well. building simply Before construction began, a specialist surveyed the island and devised a multipart strategy. During construction, the team would stay on the closest island in simple huts that were built from chunks of coral washed up on the beach and corrugated metal roofs. That experience inspired them to build simply and in response to the land and climate. To not disturb the island’s reef but still offer prime ocean views, the team built a concrete arc supported by slender concrete columns that extends from the lagoon and is five feet above the water level. Fourteen 42 september 2012

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Contract - September 2012
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Contract - September 2012