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PRODUCT FOCUS Bonaire and Buxom Leucos launches the late Eva Zeisel’s final product line 1 Eva Zeisel 2 Legendary industrial designer Eva Zeisel left the world at the end of 2011, but not without leaving us one last product to remember her by. Her only light fixture collection, the eponymous line was freehanddesigned by Zeisel herself for Leucos, followed by close collaboration with the Murano glassmakers who fabricated the pieces. “I always like to design at least two shapes together so that I create a family that relates to each other,” Zeisel had said before her death at the age of 105. Thus, the Eva Zeisel Collection consists of two complementary silhouettes—Spring and Summer. Like many of the ceramic designs Zeisel was best known for, Spring (1, right) presents a shapely body of soft curves, almost resembling an inverted hourglass. Its cousin Summer (1, left; 2) also sports fluid curves, though with a more voluptuous bottom reminiscent of a wine decanter. Both are offered in glossy white or honey-tinted hand-blown glass, and in pendant, wall sconce, and tabletop versions, the latter of which is accented with a polished-chrome base. “Eva always thought of her designs as gifts to others,” says Jean Richards, Zeisel’s daughter. “She was so happy Leucos was producing them, so she could share the gift of these lamps with a wider audience.” These fixtures were created for both the consumer and commercial markets and, having already been added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York, will reach a larger audience still. —SHEILA KIM Reader Service No. 220 Select No. 20 at

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Contract - January/February 2013
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Contract - January/February 2013