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product focuS On the Move Mobica+ workhorses offer flexibility and mobility for both the modern school and office 1 3 Similar to what’s happened in the workplace, learning environments have experienced a paradigm shift that favors more collaborative, casual, multiuse, and flexible products and environments. So it’s a relief to know that manufacturers like Mobica+ are up to task, churning out solutions that meet these needs in both the office and education markets. Among the many examples of this is Sharko (2, 3, and 4) seating, which, as its name sounds, moves about swiftly and sports sleek contours reminiscent of shark forms. Applicable for solo or group work settings, Sharko integrates storage right under the seat for materials, laptops, notebooks, and other meeting essentials. Built-in storage is nothing new to seating, but the brand’s chief designer Martin Ballendat explains, “The specialty is that the seat and storage compartment form a unit. Thus the storage always turns together with the upper part and is protected from the feet and legs.” An optional tablet arm serves as a writing desk and rotates 360 degrees 28 2 4 around the chair, enabling easier access to the compartment for a range of body types. Moreover, the tablet’s twin-axle mechanism renders it a comfortable work surface for left- and right-handed users alike. The polyurethane shell is available in blue, red, or white while the castor or glide base is finished in aluminum, black, or white. Ballendat drew on the physical traits of a fierce creature for Sharko, but looked to the adhesive feet of the small gecko for his Keko (1 and 2) screen. The result is a low barrier or modesty panel with a suction-cup and lever mechanism that firmly grips surfaces but also easily detaches for repositioning. Its aluminum frame accommodates fabric, felt, or a composite of layered and perforated translucent polycarbonate, all of which assist in dampening noise. —Sheila Kim reader Service No. 220 march 2013

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Contract - March 2013
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Contract - March 2013