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DESIGNERS SELECT Surfacing Designers name their favorite new wall cladding materials Stéphane Bernier B+N Industries: Rex Ray Infused Veneer Panels FilzFelt: Ayse Birsel Collection Everitt & Schilling Tile: Reclaimed Barnwood Reader Service No. 210 Reader Service No. 211 Reader Service No. 212 Director of Retail Design Ædifica Montreal “The Rex Ray collection of infused veneer panels brings a new twist to the typical wood panel system through the use of a novel printing method. The featured artwork is bold, joyful, and vibrant.” “Merino wool felt is already pretty timeless. It feels luxurious without being over the top, and the colors are bright and playful. The Ayse Birsel collection kicks it up a notch with the witty patterns, offering an interesting solution to ‘soft’ partitions in retail or office environments.” “Reclaimed wood has been available for years, but it’s always been difficult to source out in a consistent way. The Reclaimed Barnwood wall tile collection offers a comprehensive range of patterns with the natural cachet of authentic timber.” Tracy Stone, AIA Crossville: Laminam Island Stone: Crescent Concrete Collaborative: Zuma Reader Service No. 213 Reader Service No. 214 Reader Service No. 215 “I am intrigued by these large, thin ceramic sheets by Crossville. They are light, and offer so many possibilities for retrofit and remodel projects where you need a durable finish with few joints and great colors.” “These matte stone tiles offer a unique pattern reminiscent of a bamboo forest. The tiles suggest patterns that evoke nature but remain abstract enough to engage the mind in the act of interpretation.” “I recently fell in love with the Zuma concrete wall tiles by Concrete Collaborative. They are made in California with 40 percent post-industrial recycled content and come in various thicknesses and lengths, allowing for endless pattern variations. They make for fresh, modern, and durable walls.” Principal Tracy A. Stone Architect Los Angeles Principal SOFTlab New York 144 Vij5: NewspaperWood Bare Conductive: Bare Paint ReWall: NakedBoard Reader Service No. 216 Michael Svizos Reader Service No. 217 Reader Service No. 218 “This product is made from layers of paper to resemble logs. While we love using wood, this material is nice because it looks like wood minus the natural coloration. It would be amazing to dye this stuff!” “We can’t wait to do some experiments with this conductive paint. It will not only allow us to get rid of wires, but also make a surface touch-interactive.” “When we are making complex shapes, we often use materials that have texture with directionality. NakedBoard is like Oriented Strand Board, but it is made from 100 percent recycled paper waste. The paper is not bleached so it leaves small specs of color in the material.” JULY | AUGUST 2013

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Contract - July/August 2013
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Contract - July/August 2013