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produCt foCus Geometry Rules Momentum Textiles introduces a colorful collection designed by the Magnussons 1 2 4 3 Industrial designer Carl Gustav Magnusson, Contract magazine’s 2012 Legend Award winner, and his wife Emanuela Frattini Magnusson (above left), an architect and designer, have created the Magnusson Collection for Momentum Textiles. The five new upholstery patterns echo compositions found in urban landscapes. The Magnussons drew inspiration from the acts of mapping and drawing, both by hand and using technology. The resulting patterns explore concepts of randomness versus repetition, but what really stands out about each textile is the use of color. The color stories for each pattern tend towards the bright; new yarns were dyed to achieve just the right tones. Cairns (right side of 1) depicts a traditional diamond pattern that has been skewed. Circles placed on a grid—some randomly obscured by symbols such as “X’s”—comprise Malmo (2). Nagoya (3) features 36 dashed lines punctuated with circles, and its design was inspired by the geometries of Japanese gardens. riga (4, top) is a stripe pattern that looks hand-drawn with its squiggly lines. Similarly, turin (4, below) incorporates a squiggled stripe that flows beyond a slightly more regular grid pattern. The Magnusson Collection reflects Momentum Textiles’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The energy used to manufacture these textiles is recovered and reused; waste fiber is reclaimed or recycled; and water usage is minimized, with any excess recirculated into the system. The fabrics are GREENGUARD Certified and classified as Reduced Environmental Impact (REI) products. —Murrye Bernard reader service No. 219 july | august 2013

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Contract - July/August 2013
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Contract - July/August 2013