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product focus Drawn from the Sea Interface recycles fishing nets to create Net Effect modular carpet tiles 1 2 3 The Net Effect collection of modular carpet tiles from Interface evokes the feeling of the ocean, while actually helping to protect it. Working with the yarn supplier Aquafil, Interface collects discarded fishing nets from villages in the Philippines and recycles them to create new nylon for the carpet tiles. The collection was born from a conservation project called Net-Works, a partnership between Interface and the Zoological Society of London. Launched in the Danajon Bank region of the Philippines in 2012, the project aims to help curb the growing environmental problem of discarded fishing nets that endanger marine life and habitats, and also to address the company’s goals for post-consumer nylon recycling and closed-loop manufacturing. By developing a local reclamation system for fishing nets, the program also provides a source of income for some of the world’s poorest fishing communities and could be a long-term solution to alleviating poverty in those places. 40 Debuting at NeoCon® in June, the Net Effect collection was designed by David Oakey, owner of David Oakey Designs, and includes three square variations and three skinny plank styles that capture the great fluctuations of the sea. The textures of the square patterns (1) are meant to evoke the moment when waves wash over the shore, while the plank styles (2 and 3) capture the fluidity of water with more linear patterns. All six styles are intended to be intertwined with each other, just like swirling currents in the ocean, and can be arranged to form a continuous pattern or a series of borders and insets. A color palette of two rich blues and six neutrals explores the depths of the sea and hues found along a coast, such as sun-bleached driftwood and stone. —Cody Calamaio reader service No. 221 july | august 2013

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Contract - July/August 2013
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Contract - July/August 2013