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Tomorrow’s innovations, available today… Tile Trends from Spain producT Focus Glow Sticks Rux deconstructs the light fixture down to its purest form 1 Tile manufacturers find inspiration everywhere – from fashion, upholstery and wallpaper – to furniture, media and even electronics. Here’s how Tile of Spain is taking that inspiration and making tile that is distinctively unique: • Technology: integrated photo luminescence and home automation into tile, touch sensitive glazes, nano technology that makes tile warm to the touch and tiles that clean the air. • Trending colors: black and white, chilled out cool tones, contrasting reds and metallics. • Vintage patterns and well loved looks. • Textures: No longer are tiles just flat, they have depth and movement to them. Now, specifying Spanish tile is easier than ever! Introducing the Tile of Spain Quick Ship Collection, a select group of tile available for immediate purchase in the U.S. FIND YOUR TILE! select No. 138 at Stickbulb is a collection of LED lights set in slender wood strips designed by Rux, a New York-based multidisciplinary architecture and design firm that has conceived products ranging from vodka bottles to vending machines. The Stickbulb fixtures are assembled in Rux’s shop in Queens, New York, and are made from locally-sourced materials. Wood options include sustainably-sourced maple and walnut, southern yellow pine reclaimed from buildings demolished in New York State, and ipe wood salvaged from Coney Island and Atlantic City boardwalks. The designers have also experimented with wood from water tanks and wine barrels. Available in lengths from one to six feet, Stickbulbs are modular. Freestanding formats (1) include linear Table and Floor Torches, and a quirky line of floor lamps—dubbed Little Bang, Middle Bang, and Big Bang—which combine multiple Stickbulbs held together at a september 2013

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