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product briefs Arborite: iNK The bright and colorful INK collection of highpressure laminates from Arborite features striking patterns by three leading designers. Peggy Leung created the chromatic Random, Giona Maiarelli designed the cheeky, wood-like Pyne, and Gonzalo Bustamante was inspired by cork when creating the squiggly Corcho. Reader Service No. 223 Armstrong ceiling & Wall systems: MetalWorks concealed innovations in Wallcoverings: big News MetalWorks Concealed allows large-sized metal ceiling panels to be installed using a concealed suspension system, creating a clean and monolithic look. The system features narrow, quarter-inch reveals and can incorporate the panels, available in three powder-coated finishes and five sizes, into a continuous ceiling or floating look. Perforated panels are also available for improved acoustical performance. Reader Service No. 221 Big News is woven from large pieces of old newspapers and recycled paperboard, and is an expansion on the smaller-scaled Yesterday’s News wallcovering. The newsprint has been deconstructed and reformed into random patterns, allowing for some of the original words and graphics to remain visible beneath a wash of six fun color varieties. Reader Service No. 222 Elegance Redefined. Again. ® Introducing the new Verge® L-Series Lavatory System. Clean lines and a rimless basin create simple elegance that will last forever. 1-800-BRADLEY BRADLEYCORP.COM/VERGE select No. 70 at The L-Series Lavatory is one of the first handwashing basins to meet enhanced reach requirements. The shorter distance from basin edge to faucet provides an easier reach for handwashing. http://www.BRADLEYCORP.COM/VERGE http://www.BRADLEYCORP.COM/VERGE

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Contract - September/October 2013
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Contract - September 2013