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DESIGNERS SELECT Eco-friendly Products Designers name their favorite sustainable products and materials Marlyn Zucosky, IIDA Móz Designs: Móz Metals Skyline Design: Skyline Digital Glass Portfolio Reader Service No. 210 Partner and Director of Interior Design at Joshua Zinder Architecture +Design Princeton, New Jersey Carnegie: Biobased Xorel Reader Service No. 211 Reader Service No. 212 “I was so excited to see the ‘greening’ of a product that I have used many times over the years. The research that went into reducing the product’s carbon footprint while still delivering the same performance is really impressive!” “Surfaces become design tools with this product, which is fabricated from recycled aluminum. It comes in a variety of textures and finishes and can be used on a feature wall, as column covers, or on ceilings.” “The artwork used for these designs is unique, colorful, and interesting—not to mention versatile. Best of all, the materials incorporated are locally sourced. We would use the glass in any one of our restaurant or corporate projects to further enhance the aesthetic or the company’s branding.” Co-Director of Sustainable Design Perkins+Will Minneapolis 3M: DI-NOC E-Series SunCentral: SunBeamer Fireclay Tile: Crush Recycled Glass Tile Reader Service No. 213 Tony Layne, AIA Reader Service No. 214 Reader Service No. 215 “Human health is integral to sustainability. We have been collaborating with 3M over the last two years to help move the market toward wallcoverings made with less toxic materials. The E-Series is made with polyolefin, a great alternative to polyvinyl chloride (PVC).” “Getting useful daylight into buildings is often a challenge, especially in renovations. SunBeamer tracks the sun and uses lenses and reflectors to drive daylight deep into the building. I love that this allows us to get light to space (and people) previously in the dark.” “Custom made to order, these tiles can be as colorful and intricate or as clean and simple as you like—and they are made of up to 100 percent recycled glass manufacturing waste. Plus, they are produced in an open-air, naturally ventilated facility.” Principal 2 Point Perspective: architecture + interiors Chicago 74 Shaw Contract Group: Hexagon DIRTT: Breathe Vanerum Stelter: Momentum Reader Service No. 216 Lisa Elkins Reader Service No. 217 Reader Service No. 218 “This dynamic new shape provides a fresh perspective on carpet tile. After years of being locked into orthogonal patterns, we love the new hexagon shape. And the Cradle-to-Cradle certification is the icing on the cake.” “What better way to bring a space to life than by adding live plants? We like the Breathe modular living wall system for its ability to wrap corners, allowing for incredible new design possibilities. Specific plants are available that actually remove VOCs from the air.” “While designed for educational use, these sliding white boards, which incorporate storage and technology systems, would also work well in conference rooms and tech offices. The overlapping forms, bright colors, and integral wire management are a great combination, and the formaldehyde-free MDF also makes the grade.” SEPTEMBER 2013

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Contract - September 2013