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product focus Hands-On Shopping Perch technology encourages branding with a touch In an age when more shopping is done online, a new interactive technology seeks to infuse the flashy elements of the digital world with the tactile benefits of the built environment. Designed by Perch Interactive Inc., a spin-off of the New York design and technology firm Potion, Perch is a digital projection device that turns any surface into an interactive display surrounding products, creating a world of possibilities beneath the shopper's fingertips. A retailer can create fully customizable displays featuring different types of media-including images, video, and social media feeds-aimed at enticing customers and encouraging them to linger longer. Perch senses when a product is touched or picked up, offering the shopper dynamic content such as product details, animations, videos, or reviews. New content can be generated beneath an item once it is picked up, preventing the display from ever looking stagnant. 32 Sensors can also respond when the table surface is touched, adding more opportunities for the retailer to customize the shopping experience with additional features such as menus. The interactions are not limited to visual aspects-music, sound effects, and narration can also be integrated. The device can be mounted on walls and ceilings, or rest on a floor stand. Tables ranging in size from 20-by-36 inches to 36-by-60 inches can be used with the technology, but cannot be reflective or transparent. The Perch system also comes with integrated analytics that register every user interaction, which helps provide the retailer with insight into customer behavior in realtime. -Cody Calamaio reader service No. 229 november 2013

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Contract - November 2013
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Contract - November 2013