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interview extremet environmentalis Pliny Fisk III of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems has never been part of the mainstream—and now others are inside looking out By Holly Richmond Some people might consider 33 years a long time to be working outside the mainstream, pushing boundaries, being called a renegade and a maverick. For Pliny Fisk III that’s life, and he can’t imagine it any other way. Fisk co-founded the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (CMPBS) in Austin, Texas, in 1975, and currently serves as its co-director. CMPBS—recognized as the oldest architecture and planning 501c3 non-profit in the United States focused on sustainable design— is much like Fisk in persona, demeanor, and eccentric qualities. Forget a fancy corporate headquarters with academic scholars traipsing the halls in threepiece suits. Instead, picture an 18-acre mishmash of buildings with wildly green-growing roofs, giant compost piles, dozens of electric cars, a few cement mixers, and countless other contraptions designed to bring everything “eco” to life—real, sustainable solutions, not hypothetical theories. Pliny Fisk and his wife Gail Vittori (above), co-directors of CMPBS. (Photo by Denise Prince.) March/April 2009 | 45

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Green & Design - March/April 2009
Beyond Fad
Book Review
Generation Green
Green Flags
LEED for Retail
Hola, la Ciudad
Eco-Mountain High
Beautiful Vision
A Better Bean
Under the Influence
Extreme Environmentalist
Leading LEED
To LEED or Not to LEED?
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The Many Shades of Green
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Green & Design - March/April 2009