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products TOP PICKS Brian M. Malarkey, AIA, LEED ® AP Executive Vice President, Director of Kirksey EcoServices Houston 2 4 3 1 1 | Pint-Flush Urinals Not the most glamorous green product, but incredibly efficient. Many jurisdictions do not allow waterless urinals, so this is a perfect alternative. We have them in our office and have had no issues. Both Sloan and Zurn offer this 1/8 gallon wonder. 2 | Sage Glass Imagine glass that can tint itself at the click of a switch, eliminating blinds and exterior shading devices. It exists and it is called Sage Glass. We used it in our facility and it allows the glare protection of blinds or shades and clear views out of the window, not to mention the energy savings. The windows paid for themselves when we eliminated the blinds and exterior shading devices. 3 | EcoTop Surfaces This solid surface product has all the green pedigrees: 50% bamboo, 50% FSCcertified recycled wood and paper, and 100% water-based, zero-VOC resin. I was worried about absorption until I tested it overnight with red wine, soda, and lime juice on the WHITE sample. It wiped right up. 4 | Daltile Eco-Body Ceramic Tile I like finding a finish “staple” that has gone green. This everyday ceramic tile is the perfect example. It comes in a bazillion colors and shapes, is reasonably priced, and has 34% recycled content, 17% post consumer recycled glass and 17% post industrial discarded grinding paste. 53 March/April 2009 |

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Green & Design - March/April 2009
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Green & Design - March/April 2009