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book review the last hours of ancient sunlight By Kevin O’Donnell I discovered Thom Hartmann through the film “The 11th Hour,” where he states that the use of fossil fuels is the equivalent of consuming ancient sunlight. While reading the first two thirds of his book, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, I wondered why it is not a landmark environmental publication. Despite a few tangents, the chapters dedicated to the environmental issues we face are spot on. ing sunlight. Throughout human history, populations could not grow larger than the amount of current sunlight harvested by plants and animals. However, all that changed 900 years ago when the discovery of coal meant we could leapfrog beyond those limitations. Six hundred and fifty years later the discovery of oil further accelerated the pace. Scientists believe that, during the Hartmann’s premise is that we are Carboniferous Period, the Earth’s all made of sunlight. Plants convert land mass was covered with sunlight to food, animals eat the dense, lush plant life. Over millions plants, and other animals eat those of years those plants, and those in animals. The entire food chain is the oceans, died, built up, were therefore dependent on processburied, and under incredible heat 10 | May/June 2009

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Green & Design - May/June 2009
LEED v3: A Highly Evolved Solution
Book Review
Learning Curve
Environmental Trends in Kitchen Design
The Butterfly Effect
Eastern Promise
Social Science
Retail Remedy
They Speak for the Trees
Up to the Challenge
Here Come the Lawyers
Green Gets Political
The Hardest Part of Being Green
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Green & Design - May/June 2009