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hot topic LEED v3: By Jan Lakin a highly evolved solution As environmentally sustainable design practices continue to go mainstream and change with time, so too do the standards by which to rate green design Since its first pilot in 1998, LEED has been a work in progress with the tremendously ambitious aim of making environmentally responsible building mainstream. Today, with green building a key part of the national conversation on the environment, LEED v3, as its name implies, remains an evolution but also presents the most comprehensive overhaul in the history of the system. It sets a framework that should enable the LEED program to continue to expand and develop for years to come. Launched April 27, 2009 (with an overlap of the current system until June 25, 2009), LEED v3 is a dizzying array of updates, simplifications, recalibrations, structural efficiencies, and redirection of priorities. For the designer, essentially these changes promise a more userfriendly online process, an easing of the backlog of registered projects waiting for certification, and a rating system that’s more statistically accountable as well as responsive to the imperatives of climate change and energy efficiency. Under the rubric of LEED v3 are three very different components. There’s LEED 2009, which brings some significant changes to the rating system; a new iteration of LEED-Online’s registration process, tools, and reference materials; and a shift of certification and accreditation administration from the USGBC to a third-party, the Green Building 06 | May/June 2009

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Green & Design - May/June 2009
LEED v3: A Highly Evolved Solution
Book Review
Learning Curve
Environmental Trends in Kitchen Design
The Butterfly Effect
Eastern Promise
Social Science
Retail Remedy
They Speak for the Trees
Up to the Challenge
Here Come the Lawyers
Green Gets Political
The Hardest Part of Being Green
Products: Designer’s Picks
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Green & Design - May/June 2009