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editorial Defining Green On the one hand, the Global Green article (see p. 46) in this current issue of Green & Design about the USGBC’s global initiatives focuses on the lofty goals and remarkable progress this organization has made to raise the level of awareness and cooperation regarding the need for sustainable building practices around the world. On the other hand, our opinion column (see p. 52) by Paul Prechter of Carlisle Development Group makes the case that projects not designed to LEED standards can still be considered green. So what’s up with these seemingly contradictory positions? The answer lies in the understanding that sustainable building is an inexact science, which acknowledges no single champion and embraces a variety of means to the same outcome. In the end, it is up to the architect, designer, developer, builder, and of course the client to decide which is the best and most appropriate path to follow. That includes the methods that are not necessarily focused on environmental sustainability at all, like the advice that John Wong of landscape architecture, planning and urban design firm SWA Group offers (see p. 18) about how to make skyscrapers more habitable and hospitable within the urban grid, so that they complement and enhance, rather than conflict with their surroundings. One thing that is often forgotten in the passionate quest for sustainability is that human and community sustainability—not just environmental sustainability—are important parts to the equation. Therefore, we can still talk about sustainable environments from the perspective of what buildings give back to people, not just nature, and the discussion is every bit as valid. G Jennifer Thiele Busch Editorial Director Katie Weeks Senior Editor Jonathan Marsland Creative Director Barbara W. Lau Production Manager Editorial Advisory Board Alison Embrey Medina, Editor, DDI Magazine; Tara Mastrelli, Managing Editor, HD Magazine; Diana Mosher, Editor, MultiHousing News; Suzann Silverman, Editor, Commercial Property News; Christina Trauthwein, Editor, Kitchen + Bath Business Editorial Offices 646-654-4500 phone 770 Broadway, 13th Floor New York, NY 10003 President: Greg Farrar Senior Vice Presidents: Michael Alicea (Human Resources); Sloane Googin (Finance); Mark Hosbein (Marketing); Gerry Byrne (Media & Entertainment); Sabrina Chow (Brand Media and Corporate Development); David Loechner (Retail); Joe Randall (Building & Design); Mary Kay Sustek (Central Services) Vice Presidents: Howard Appelbaum (Licensing): Jennifer Grego (Manufacturing & Distribution); Joanne Wheatley (Audience Marketing) 04 | July/August 2009

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Green & Design - July/August 2009
Is Carbon Neutral Possible?
Growing Green
Firmly Planted
The Energizer Effect
Natural Wonders
Above the Fray
Northern Exposure
Industrial Chic
Walking the Walk
Green Building Goes Global
Here Come the Lawyers
Do You Have to be LEED to be Green?
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Green & Design - July/August 2009