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interview Under its Green the Capitol Initiative, the U.S. House of Representatives challenges itself to lead by example By Katie Weeks Walking the Walk In 2007, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi set forth a directive for the Green the Capitol program, challenging her colleagues in Congress to create a greener, more energyefficient institution. ple to take on this responsibility in their homes across the country. It was very much from her leadership and also that of Dan Beard, chief administrative officer of the House. He wanted to make sure we are fundamentally changing the way the House operates The first deadline for the program was from the buildings to the business the close of the 110th Congress this practices from how we use our compast December. Allison Rogers, proputers to how we commute to and gram manager of the Green the Capiwithin the building. tol office, shares some insight on the program’s goals for the House’s 6 milQ: What were the initial goals? lion sq. ft. of office space, and where A: There were three initial goals. First, the program goes from here. to be carbon neutral by the end of Q: What was the incentive behind this past Congressional session in the Green the Capitol Initiative? December 2008. Second, to reduce energy by 50 percent over 10 years. A: It was the leadership of Speaker (Note that it’s energy, not just electriciPelosi that was the incentive….She ty, so it includes the steam and the knew climate legislation was going to chilled water the buildings receive be such a part of her role as Speaker from the Capitol power plant, which is and part of the upcoming Congresa pretty aggressive goal when you sional session that we needed to make compare it with the three percent per sure the people’s house was in order year reduction that federal agencies before we asked the American peo44 | July/August 2009

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Green & Design - July/August 2009
Is Carbon Neutral Possible?
Growing Green
Firmly Planted
The Energizer Effect
Natural Wonders
Above the Fray
Northern Exposure
Industrial Chic
Walking the Walk
Green Building Goes Global
Here Come the Lawyers
Do You Have to be LEED to be Green?
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Green & Design - July/August 2009