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opinion Do You Have to be LEED to be Green? By Paul Prechter, Carlisle Development Group The green building standard most commonly applied to today’s commercial and residential projects is USGBC’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, but do you really have to be LEED to be Green? The constraints of the LEED framework have created opportunities for new green building standards to be developed and have influenced LEED’s evolution. Builders and developers are no longer limited to LEED in the design and construction of their green projects. LEED’s constraints During Carlisle Development Group’s design and construction of Tallman Pines, the first LEED Silver-certified affordable housing development in the Southeast U.S., the LEED V 2.2 framework had to be adapted to a multifamily product. The V 2.2 framework was developed with commercial (office, industrial, retail) applications in mind and efficiencies (lighting, HVAC) based on larger, open interior spaces and building automation capabilities. These features aren’t wholly applicable to multifamily construction and were one of the limiting factors with which we had to contend. Other constraints inherent in the outgoing version of LEED were the application of a single green building standard across all regions of the country, spanning urban, suburban, and rural project sites. Different localities have different priorities for green building that generate disparate environmental and economic impacts, and the framework needed to become more regionalized to reflect that. LEED’s evolution On April 27th, 2009, the USGBC rolled out Version 3 of the LEED rating system for new construction, incorporating more flexibility for different construction types and regional concerns. The primary changes included in the new 100-point system emphasize CO2 emissions, the longevity of materials, and a regionally weighted credit system. Reduction of CO2 emissions created during building construction and long-term 52 | July/August 2009

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Green & Design - July/August 2009
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Do You Have to be LEED to be Green?
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Green & Design - July/August 2009