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Greenology Scrubs Do No Harm Most PoPular ImpressIons Web articles Most saved 1. Embroidering on Bags and Producing Patches 2. How to Embroider Thick Jackets 3. Off the Cuff: Good Enough for Government Work: Part 2 of 2 4. Decorate Performance Apparel with Heat-Applied Graphics 5. Use Water-Soluble Topping When Embroidering Nappy Items Most Printed 1. How to Embroider Thick Jackets 2. Off the Cuff: Good Enough for Government Work: Part 2 of 2 3. Off the Cuff: Good Enough for Government Work: Part 1 of 2 4. Embroidering on Bags and Producing Patches 5. How to Handle CustomerSupplied Goods dNh Do No Harm medical scrubs, which it says will do no harm to the planet, patients or the medical personnel themselves. The scrubs are made of recycled polyester fibers that are tested and certified by Oeko-Tex to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances believed to be dangerous to human health. Each scrub top and bottom is equivalent to using about 10 water bottles that would otherwise be found in landfills, according to the company. The scrubs’ primary feature, however, is that their fabric uses SmartSilver anti-microbial and antiodor protection technology. New dNh Do No Harm medi- SmartSilver bonds permacal scrubs from Greenology USA are nently to fabrics and never made from recycled polyester fibers washes out or wears off. It and feature SmartSilver anti-microbial and anti-odor properties. works at the microscopic In what began as a pledge to help uphold the Hippocratic Oath, Greenology USA, Dallas, has introduced level, which ensures that it doesn’t compromise a garment’s softness or appearance, or interfere with other performance additives. “In order to live up to the ‘Do No Harm’ ideal of scrubs that do no harm to the planet, to patients or to the medical personnel, we needed to select our antimicrobial additive with great care,” says Jim Noble, vice president of sales, Greenology USA. “SmartSilver met every performance and sustainability criteria we set.” dNh Do No Harm scrubs come in a variety of solid colors, as well as earth friendly inspired fashion prints, and feature deep, reinforced pockets. Men’s sizes are available in S-2XL and women’s sizes are available in XS-2XL. For more information, visit — J.L. Roland University Debuts Digital Printing Boot Camp Roland DGA Corp., Irvine, Calif., has announced that its 2010 Roland University workshop schedule will include some of its most popular classes, as well as new additions, such as a digital printing boot camp. Roland University workshops provide attendees with in-depth knowledge of Roland equipment, software and supplies, and also teach new workflows and applications to help professionals increase their profits and expand their businesses, according to the company. Led by long-time instructor David Goetter, Roland University’s Digital Printing Boot Camp is a new three-day course in which participants will receive detailed instruction on the Top 10 sign industry applications and complete a professional sample book of projects based on each one. Roland University also offers the R-Wear Rhinestone Apparel Decoration Workshop, which teaches Roland R-Wear solutions for custom apparel, including how to engrave custom rhinestone motif templates with a Roland EGX engraver, according to the company. “This year, we have brought back our most popular classes [to Roland University] and introduced new workshops, Most e-MaiLed 1. How to Embroider Thick Jackets 2. How to Embroider Patches 3. Developing a Business Plan for Your Internet T-Shirt Business 4. 2009 Impressions Awards Winners Announced at ISS Fort Worth 5. Simple Tips for Advanced Lettering Success to read any of these articles, visit Find the search box at the top of the page and input the article title (in full or in part) — in quotation marks — and hit enter on your keyboard or click the blue circle next to the search box. Roland University offers small class sizes, such as the R-Wear Rhinestone Apparel Decoration Workshop, for more personalized, hands-on instruction. including online options,” says Rick Scrimger, vice president and general manager, Roland. “Each is designed to provide valuable market insights and hands-on instruction.” For more information on other classes and webinars, visit — J.L. Impressions >> February 2010

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Impressions - February 2010