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PRODUCT GALLERY >> PALLETS APLENTY > Stock and custom pallets from Vastex Screen Printing Equipment come in a range of different sizes to meet all your printing needs. Stock pallets come in shirt sizes starting at 101⁄2" x 17" up to 48" x 40". Mini pallets come in 6" x 6" and 9" x 9" sizes. The company also has long-sleeve, double long-sleeve, single-leg, short-leg, single-leg, short-sleeve, koozie, pocket, zipper, umbrella and vacuum pallets. Vastex also can custom design and manufacture pallets to meet any specifications. Use Info•Action #451 at FOIL PROOF Designed for screen printers who are limited by space and budget, the Compact Dryer from Workhorse Products measures 67" x 30" and has a 20-inch conveyor belt that facilitates garment loading. It features double-wall construction and adjustable oven doors that will retain oven heat but keep the exterior cool to the touch, an adjustable belt speed and power exhaust that removes fumes from a shop. Use Info•Action #454 at DURABLE DRYER VERSATILE LASER The Spartacus, a laser cutting machine from BITO, makes it easy to do distressed, reverse and multi-layer appliqué when combined with an embroidery machine. It also can be used for cutting and marking other substrates, including wood, paper, textiles, anodized aluminum and leather. The machine is easy to transport and comes with a CO2 laser source of 50, 100, 200 or 400 watts. Use Info•Action #455 at Impressions >> February 2010 > > Lancer Group Intl. introduces 801 Foil Proof, a clear-coat plastisol that repels foil. Easy to use, it can be screen printed over the top of the plastisol where you do not want foil to stick. When the foil is heat sealed onto the image, it will only stick to the parts of the design that are not coated with 801 Foil Proof. For foil application, set the heat press to 375˚F and apply very light pressure four to six seconds. The foil should be peeled slowly while still warm. Use Info•Action #452 at BABY BATH SET The Baby Earth Bath Set (style 520) from SOS From Texas includes a hoodie baby towel and three wash cloths, all made of 100% certified organic cotton. The French terry towel and baby wash cloths come in a natural creamy cotton color and can be trimmed in any of three colors: peace green, taffy yellow or cotton candy pink. The trim is made of 1x1 rib knit. This set is ideal for hospital gift shops, baby boutiques or baby-centered promotions. Use Info•Action #453 at > >

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