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Buying Equipment on ® By Deborah Sexton, Contributing Writer You can get killer deals on equipment and supplies — but make sure you understand the pitfalls before you make a purchase. pssst Hey, wanna buy screen printing and embroidery equipment at rockbottom prices? We’re talking high-end machinery that retails for thousands of dollars going for a fraction of the price. There’s a place where you can find these killer deals — and it’s only a mouse click away. It’s, the incredibly popular online auction site that has hundreds of millions of registered users and millions of items for sale, including countless items specific to the world of decorated apparel — everything from bobbins to automatic presses. “Many decorators and suppliers have adopted eBay as a new flea market,” says Greg Kitson, president, Mind’s Eye Graphics, Decatur, Ind. “I know of one decorator who has virtually outfitted a brand new production floor with equipment from eBay.” Kitson has used eBay to purchase roller frames, mesh and a pin registration system for his shop. “I’ve never been dissatisfied with what I bought, and it has always been delivered as promised,” he says. Some decorators have even purchased automatic screen printing presses from eBay listings — although While ebay is great for buying and selling large pieces of equipment — new and used — it also is a good place to find supplies such as frames, mesh, embroidery hoops, etc. purchasing such a complex piece of machinery comes with its own set of challenges. “Someone has to disassemble it correctly to ship it to you, and then you have charges for shipping, uncrating, reassembly and testing,” Kitson says. Mark Coudray, president, Coudray Serigraphics, San Luis Obispo, Calif., has been purchasing equipment on eBay for a decade. His first purchase was buying $5,000 exposure units for only a few hundred dollars. “The offset lithography guys were all going computer-to-plate, and they had these exposure units that were collecting dust,” he recalls. “We’ve bought densitometers, vacuum frames, light tables, all of those types of things.” What’s the appeal of eBay? You can expect to save anywhere from 30 cents to 70 cents on the dollar for equipment Impressions >> February 2010

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Impressions - February 2010