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HANDS ON >> SCREEN PRINTING >> HANDS ON TECH TIPS HANDS ON HANDS ON Production SCREEN PRINTING HANDS ON TECH TIPS HANDS ON How to >>Find Good Employees Every shop owner’s greatest challenge is finding and keeping good employees. Here’s how to do it. No matter how many questions you ask and how well the candidate’s experience may match up, there’s no way to evaluate certain intangible job skills like whether a person can handle inks without spreading them everywhere. All photos courtesy of Mind’s Eye Graphics, Decatur, Ind. know is recommending a candidate prequalifies that individual — at least to some extent — and it certainly beats dealing with non-referred candidates you know absolutely nothing about. The reason this avenue works so well is that your associates, friends and family members already know you and they know you’ve invested considerable time and money in your business. That said, they’re not going to refer someone who wouldn’t at least be worth considering for the available position. ADS, THE STATE & AGENCIES Perhaps one of the most daunting, timeconsuming tasks for every business owner — and perhaps more so for decorators — is finding good employees. It would be wonderful if there were an abundance of qualified job candidates who could perform their duties well and be a good fit in your shop’s culture, but that’s just not the case. Finding the right employee is a slow, tough task — and compounding the pressure is the fact that employees have so much effect on your shop’s success. Even just a few bad apples can undermine morale, make costly mistakes and be a real drag on your profitability. However, the great news is that there are good employees out there — it’s just a matter of knowing how to find them. ers, embroiderers and other experienced decorators. We do not, however, accept online applications; interested parties are encouraged to call or e-mail for more details on the employment application process. Additionally, we’ve found that applications from walk-in candidates definitely aren’t the best way to find good help. Without a doubt, your best option for finding good employees is to ask for referrals of candidates from people you trust. Ideally, your business has an informal “board of directors” — a group comprising members of your business circle, including your banker, accountant and attorney. If so, these board members represent a great avenue to begin your search for a new employee, whether you need someone in payables and receivables, or someone to help in shipping and receiving. Tell these business associates your hiring needs and they may be able to refer you to some strong candidates. You also should ask for candidates from your managers, businesspeople with whom you’ve networked in the past, people in the community, friends and even family. The sheer fact that someone you Since 1974, I’ve placed help-wanted ads in the local newspaper a total of two times — neither of which resulted in me hiring anyone. Rather, they resulted in me wasting hours and hours talking to either unqualified candidates or unemployed people who weren’t truly interested in the job, but were going through the motions of job interviews to meet the requirements of their unemployment compensation. I’m equally unenthusiastic about job placement sites (, etc.), although you may find that they work well for you. Check with your state Department of Workforce Development office for additional help finding employees. If you don’t understand what that is, check out whoever you write the check to for unemployment benefits in your jurisdiction. In both good and bad economic times, these agencies provide job placement services without charge to the employer to assist unemployed or under-employed individuals in their search for work. We have used employment agencies with some success, especially for finding temporary help during peak season. The advantage these agencies offer is that they’ve done all of the pre-screening for THE REFERRAL ROUTE For some companies, it’s enough to simply accept job applications from walk-ins. We do have a job application that we made by taking the best parts of four or five other applications we found on the Internet. We also have a section on our Web site that says we’re always looking for skilled print38 Impressions >> February 2010

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