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HANDS ON >> SCREEN PRINTING >> HANDS ON TECH TIPS HANDS ON >> HANDS ON Production SCREEN PRINTING HANDS ON production environmentTIPSno air conTECH with ditioning in theHANDS We discuss the summer. ON training they’ll receive, such as haz-com training, etc. for all employees, and we talk about what we offer that other manufacturing companies in our area can’t. THE GUT CHECK In addition to having reliable transportation, work schedule flexibility and a tolerance for heat, employees also must have the ability to multitask. Depending on their job function, they also may need to be willing to get dirty on a regular basis. We also look for employees with the right kind of attitude and work ethic. We’re in a rural area, so many of our job candidates are from an agricultural background, and they’ve spent some time figuring out how to make things work in less-than-perfect conditions. They’re not afraid to roll up their sleeves and solve a problem, no matter how challenging it is. That kind of attitude goes a long way in a small-shop production environment. The difficult thing is that there’s really no great way to determine certain A great solution for finding temporary help during a peak season is employment agencies. They prescreen, pay unemployment and social security, and are well worth the extra cost when you’re in a pinch. Use Info•Action #25 at See us at ISS Orlando Impressions >> February 2010

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Impressions - February 2010
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Impressions - February 2010