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Gildan Readies ‘I Support 2.0’ Most PoPular ImpressIons Web articles Most saveD 1.  ips for Easy Embroidery on T Thick Items 2. How to Calculate the Real Cost of Embroidery Supplies 3. Heat Press Strategies for Decorating Team Apparel 4. Stop the Bleeding on Polyester and Blends 5. Off the Cuff: The Top 6 Reasons Why Start-Up Apparel Decorators Fail Most PrinteD 1. Tips for Easy Embroidery on Thick Items 2. Heat Press Strategies for Decorating Team Apparel 3. How to Calculate the Real Cost of Embroidery Supplies 4. Stop the Bleeding on Polyester and Blends 5. Off the Cuff: Convince People to Buy From You — Part Two On the heels of its anFollowing a nouncement that Homeboy successful “I Support …” camIndustries, Los Angeles, was paign, Gildan will awarded $100,000 for belaunch “I Support ing named the top charity 2.0,” where the top in its inaugural “I Support charity will receive …” program, Gildan Active- a $200,000 donation. wear, St. Michael, Barbados, recently announced plans to launch “I Support 2.0” to further promote awareness of charitable donations. Faced with overwhelming paign, where they will be en“I Support …” participation, couraged to share how they Gildan will double the do- are making positive impacts nation amount to $200,000 in the community, according for the winning charity. This to Garry Bell, vice president money will be funded by of global marketing, Gildan. As part of “I Support each purchase of the company’s SoftStyle Men’s and 2.0,” Gildan also will donate Ladies T-shirts (styles 64000 an additional $100,000 in “Good Cards,” which will and 64000L, respectively). The company again will allow recipients to make an ask participants to nominate immediate donation to their their favorite charities via charity of choice, according the “Tell Us Your Story” cam- to the company. Gildan also will host monthly “Chari-T Design Challenges,” where designers will submit designs for a spotlighted charity. The charity will receive 500 T-shirts printed with the winning design, while the winning designer will receive 500 blank T-shirts. For more information, visit or face — J.L. Breakthrough Inks Designed for Athletes Dow Corning recently introduced its Silicone Textile Printing Inks, which have elongation properties that make them ideal for printing on performance fabrics. Most e-MaiLeD 1. Stop the Bleeding on Polyester and Blends 2. Heat Press Strategies for Decorating Team Apparel 3. Tips for Picking the Right Stabilizer 4. Special Report: The Cotton Crunch 5. Tips for Easy Embroidery on Thick Items to read any of these articles, visit Find the search box at the top of the page and input the article title (in full or in part) — in quotation marks — and hit enter on your keyboard or click the blue circle next to the search box. Dow Corning Corp, Midland, Mich., has developed a breakthrough technology for screen printing inks that allows decorators to print on a wide range of high-performance garments. Introduced at the Imprinted Sportswear Shows in Long Beach, Calif., held this past January, the company’s Silicone Textile Printing Inks were demonstrated on automatic presses in collaboration with Print This Inc./Graphic Elephants, Vapor Apparel and M&R Equipment. The inks also are optimized for manual screen printing. With an increasing trend toward higher elasticity in high-performance sports apparel fabrics, screen printers are challenged to find technology that allows them to offer their customers inks with improved durability, a non-tacky finish, better colorfastness and high elongation on elastic fabrics. “These innovative inks deliver performance aligned with environmental standards and are fast-curing, easily pigmented, have a soft hand and allow for up to eight hours of onpress time,” according to Charlie Zimmer, global marketing manager, Dow Corning. “They also provide anti-color migration and no cracking at low temperatures, as well as breathable, four-color dot printing.” As consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of screen printing products, Dow Corning’s new inks are an ideal solution because they contain no organotin, phthalate, formaldehyde, PVC or solvents, Zimmer adds. For more information, visit — M.D. 10 Impressions >> March 2011

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Impressions - March 2011