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FIRST IMPRESSIONS DECORATED APPAREL GROUP On Becoming Cool EDITORIAL OFFICE 1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009 (770) 569-1540, (800) 241-9034; Fax: (770) 569-5105 EDITORIAL EDITOR IN CHIEF MARCIA DERRYBERRY • (770) 291-5574 MDERRYBERRY@IMPRESSIONSMAG.COM MANAGING EDITOR JAMAR LASTER • (770) 291-5578 JLASTER@IMPRESSIONSMAG.COM CONTRIBUTING WEB EDITOR SARAH GODDARD CONTRIBUTING WRITERS CHRISTOPHER BERNAT, STEVEN BATTS, DANIELLE COHEN, GREG KITSON, JIMMY LAMB, THOMAS L. MOORE JR., JAMES ORTOLANI ART ART DIRECTOR WENDI VAN ELDIK • (770) 291-5520 WENDI.VANELDIK@NIELSEN.COM ADVERTISING ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER LAURIE GONZ • (813) 366-2877 LAURIE.GONZ@NIELSEN.COM ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE JEANINE MORGAN • (813) 366-2876 JEANINE.MORGAN@NIELSEN.COM SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE — CLASSIFIEDS DIANE KENNEDY • (770) 291-5519 DIANE.KENNEDY@NIELSEN.COM PRODUCTION PRODUCTION DIRECTOR NAN MCDOWELL • (770) 291-5480 NAN.MCDOWELL@NIELSEN.COM PRODUCTION MANAGER TERRI HILL • (770) 291-5481 TERRI.HILL@NIELSEN.COM a dmittedly, I’m not exactly a technology expert. My kids have had a lot of fun at my expense over the years, and rightfully so. I’ve come a long way since I got my first iPod Shuffle and shipped it to my teenage son, asking him to “make it make noise.” And I’m way more comfortable than I used to be with new gadgets and gizmos as they become available. A few years ago, my other son was thrilled when I finally agreed to get a wireless Internet router after he convinced me that using one wasn’t the equivalent of “stealing cable.” While I, too, poke fun of my lack of techno-savvy, I’m not really as unsophisticated as my above anecdotes indicate. Being in the publishing industry, where digital technologies now come at warp speed, we seasoned editors have been forced to embrace change and learn as much as we can, as fast as we can. As we collectively scramble to stay on top of the latest and greatest ways to reach our audience, I find myself becoming more of an aficionado than I ever thought possible. Lately, I’m less inclined to be wary of the mystique surrounding that which I don’t understand. Instead, I realize that I am actually intrigued by those technologies designed to make our lives easier. Most recently, I tiptoed into the new decade and upgraded to my first touch-screen smartphone. Wow! Who knew how cool this would be? After my initial worry that I’d never be comfy with the concept of letting my fingers do the walking, I am officially hooked. This certainly has to be magic, what with all of those familiar apps welcoming me every time I turn the phone on — including the app store where I can get more if I need them. I quickly quelled my download frenzy and settled into the ease of using those important apps that keep me connected to my personal and business lives. Most recently, I became enamored with QR codes, the super-cool, twodimensional codes that allow you to quickly access information by using your phone’s camera and the appropriate reader application. Some of Impressions’ advertisers have included them in their ads for a while now, making it easy to access specific company and product information. These matrix barcodes also can help you extend your own business’ reach. You can use the technology as an innovative promotional tool to generate and print your own QR codes for your customers to scan and use. Check out this month’s feature by Jimmy Lamb to find out more about how to incorporate these codes into your own marketing collateral — even T-shirts! Now that’s cool. CUSTOMER SERVICE BACK ISSUES • (800) 697-8859 SUBSCRIPTIONS • (800) 697-8859 NIMP@OMEDA.COM FOR REPRINTS RAY TRYNOVICH, THE YGS GROUP • (800) 290-5460 X148 IMPRESSIONS@THEYGSGROUP.COM LIST RENTAL LIST RENTAL PRODUCT MANAGER BART PICCIRILLO • (848) 731-2768 BART.PICCIRILLO@ERAEPD.COM EDITOR IN CHIEF To comment on this editorial or to express your views on other matters, address your e-mail to 4 Impressions >> March 2011

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Impressions - March 2011
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Impressions - March 2011