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A part of your business plan, which you’ll need to get a loan, must include choosing your needed equipment and how much it will cost. An industry trade show is a great place to see a variety of brands in one place and compare costs. Extensive research, consultants or mentors — and a solid business plan — are the secrets to finding funds when you want to start a business. By Greg Kitson, Contributing Writer 46 Impressions | April/May 2012

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Impressions - April 2012
Making Economic Sense of Sustainability
From the Show Director
ISS Conferences
Product Gallery
Spotlight on Caps
Outfitting the Active Customer
Future Leaders
Primed for Print/Cut Media
Financing Your Start-Up Decorated Apparel Business
Making Economic Sense of Sustainability
Shop Spotlight
Embroidery Technique
Screen Printing Graphics & Design
Screen Printing Technique
Online Directory
Digital Decorating
Business to Business
Ad Index

Impressions - April 2012