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first impressions Catch the Industry Buzz aving just staged the first three Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) of the year, we’ve seen first hand the excitement returning to our industry after several rough years. At our flagship show in Long Beach, Calif., this past January, we felt the renewed enthusiasm from apparel decorators and suppliers alike — an energy that carried through to our Orlando, Fla., and Atlantic City, N.J., events. Screen printers, embroiderers and digital decorators stopping by the Impressions booth at the ISS shows reported a solid beginning to the year, with expectations that business would be returning as the market rebounds. These savvy entrepreneurs weathered the storm by streamlining business practices, going after new niche markets, adding decorating technologies to their shops, and — in some cases — completely reinventing their business models. We’ve met hundreds of folks who are optimistic that 2012 will be a good year all around, and their enthusiasm sparks excitement in our staff for good things to come for everyone. Suppliers also are enjoying the new buzz created around their innovative products that were introduced at the first three ISS shows. Many manufacturers have invested heavily in R&D during the past few years and came to market with unique products and systems to make your jobs easier. In the digital decorating segment in particular, we’ve seen new direct-to-garment machines, heat presses and sublimation systems that are on the cutting edge of apparel decoration. Bling continues ride its wave of popularity, and suppliers present options for all sizes and experience levels of shops and shop owners. Whether it be stones, studs or sequins, the machines and supplies are readily available for you to compete in this booming and profitable marketplace. The best way to get re-energized about your business is to attend one of the remaining ISS shows. In addition to the incredible networking and sourcing opportunities, the ISS conference program is designed to help you take your business to the next level. Each show has a healthy offering of workshops and seminars for all decorating disciplines, as well as an array of important business topics designed specifically for apparel decorators. Make plans now to attend one of the following shows: Columbus, Ohio: May 4-5; Las Vegas: Aug. 12-14; Atlanta: Sept. 7-8; and Fort Worth: Sept. 27-29. I’m convinced you’ll also catch the industry buzz and will come away from the show with a renewed sense of enjoyment and drive for growing your business. And remember to stop by the Impressions booth to chat with us about your business — we always love meeting new industry friends. THE DEcoraTED apparEl group Editorial Office 1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009 (770) 569-1540, (800) 241-9034; Fax: (770) 569-5105 EDiTorial EditOr in ChiEf MArciA DerryBerry | (770) 291-5574 SEniOr EditOr jAMAr LASter | (770) 291-5578 Managing EditOr SArAH GODDArD | (770) 291-5412 aSSOCiatE EditOr LAUreN MitcHeLL | (770) 291-5487 COntributing writErS MArSHALL AtkiNSON, jOSH eLLSwOrtH, keViN keLLy, GreG kitSON, jeNNiFer A. MOrreLL, jOLyN ScHAeFer, cHArLie tAUBLieB, tHOMAS triMiNGHAM ViCE prESidEnt/COntEnt DOUG HOPe SEniOr ViCE prESidEnt jOe rANDALL h arT art dirECtOr weNDi VAN eLDik | (770) 291-5520 aDvErTising aSSOCiatE publiShEr LAUrie GONz | (813) 366-2877 SEniOr aCCOunt ExECutiVE jeANiNe MOrGAN | (813) 366-2876 SEniOr aCCOunt ExECutiVE — ClaSSifiEdS DiANe keNNeDy | (770) 291-5519 proDucTion prOduCtiOn dirECtOr NAN McDOweLL | (770) 291-5480 prOduCtiOn ManagEr terri HiLL | (770) 291-5481 CuStOMEr SErViCE baCk iSSuES | (800) 697-8859 SubSCriptiOnS | (800) 697-8859 rEprintS rAy tryNOVicH, tHe yGS GrOUP | (800) 290-5460 x148 liSt rEntal LiSt reNtAL PrODUct MANAGer BArt PicciriLLO | (848) 731-2768 SCan thE COdE bElOw tO SubSCribE! EditOr in ChiEf To comment on this editorial or to express your views on other matters, address your e-mail to 6 Impressions | April/May 2012 A Division of Nielsen

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Impressions - April 2012
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Impressions - April 2012