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Make sure you clean frequently around the sewing hook assembly. This can be done by removing the bobbin case and using canned air (such as that sold in office supply stores) to blow out the lint and debris around the hook. You also may use a toothbrush to lightly brush away the debris. Keeping your machine properly cleaned and lubricated will lead to better performance and savings due to no production downtime. By Steven Batts, Contributing Writer t here was a TV commercial years ago for Fram oil filters. It showed a mechanic telling people how they should replace the oil filters on their cars frequently and, of course, saying that using a brand other than theirs was not as good. The thing I remember about that commercial was the line at the end. The mechanic said, “You can pay me now or you can pay me later.” The meaning was simple: If you didn’t spend the money to properly maintain your car, you would eventually spend a whole lot more repairing it. This is particularly true of embroidery machine maintenance. Not only will parts 32 Impressions | February 2013 eventually need to be replaced, but the performance of the machine also drops off drastically if it is not properly maintained. The good news is that today’s singlehead machines are manufactured so that they require less maintenance than they did several years ago. Many machines are sealed in such a way that there are fewer user-serviceable parts. They use more belts and sealed bearings than before, which require less lubrication. However, the service that is required on them is more critical because they often are made with lighter weight components than their multihead counterparts. More importantly, if a singlehead

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Impressions - February 2013