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first impressions THE DEcoraTED apparEl group Editorial Office 1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009 (770) 569-1540, (800) 241-9034; Fax: (770) 569-5105 EDiTorial Editor in ChiEf MArciA DerryBerry | (770) 291-5574 Memoirs of an ISS Junkie i ’ve gotta’ admit it – this is my favorite time of year. I look forward to the winter/spring Imprinted Sportswear Shows (ISS) as they kick off each year with the excitement and buzz of a very alive and thriving industry. As I enter my 25th ISS show season, I’m as intrigued and energized as I was at that very first event I went to in 1988. ISS Philadelphia made such an impact on this young reporter who was armed with a journalism degree and no knowledge of the decorated apparel industry. Sure I wore T-shirts, but who knew so much went into the making of an American icon? I remember walking the show floor that October wondering if I’d ever be able to take it all in and understand the different decorating processes and how they affected this huge marketplace. My first observations of this industry in action were a bit overwhelming as I saw the depth of the different apparel decorating processes available. The humming of embroidery machines, the speed of automatic screen printing machines and the various digital decorating capabilities — many in their infancy at that time — had me intrigued and excited for the attendees scouring the show for the latest and greatest. And the apparel options — who knew there was so much in the basic fashion category to help apparel decorators please every customer? The memories of that first event come flooding back each time we prepare to stage an ISS show. While the industry has changed and advanced, Impressions’ publications and the shows continue to bring you the most up-to-date industry information and products to help you succeed in your business. As I write this, we’re just back from ISS Long Beach — our largest since 2009. The floor was abuzz with new product introductions, technology upgrades and networking with friends old and new. There’s something in the air that reinforces the fact that this is a very viable marketplace with entrepreneurial opportunities for savvy apparel decorators looking to make a living doing what we all love. If you didn’t get the chance to attend the Long Beach event, I urge you to make plans to visit us in one of our upcoming locations: Atlantic City, N.J., March 8-10; Orlando, April 11-13; Las Vegas, Aug. 4-6; and Fort Worth, Texas, Sept. 26-28. Make your own memories — it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. SEnior Editor jAMAr LASter | (770) 291-5578 Managing Editor MicHeLLe M. HAVicH | (770) 291-5412 aSSoCiatE Editor LAUreN MitcHeLL | (770) 291-5487 Contributing writErS MArSHALL AtkiNSoN, SteVeN BAttS, keViN keLLy, GreG kitSoN, jAMeS ortoLANi, MicHAeL PALLeriNo, coNNie SMitH, kietH SteVeNS, tHoMAS triMiNGHAM ViCE prESidEnt/ContEnt DoUG HoPe SEnior ViCE prESidEnt joe rANDALL arT art dirECtor WeNDi VAN eLDik | (770) 291-5520 aDvErTising aSSoCiatE publiShEr LAUrie GoNz | (813) 366-2877 SEnior aCCount ExECutiVE jeANiNe MorGAN | (813) 366-2876 SEnior aCCount ExECutiVE — ClaSSifiEdS DiANe keNNeDy | (770) 291-5519 proDucTion produCtion dirECtor NAN McDoWeLL | (770) 291-5480 produCtion ManagEr terri HiLL | (770) 291-5481 CuStoMEr SErViCE baCk iSSuES | (800) 697-8859 SubSCriptionS | (800) 697-8859 rEprintS rAy tryNoVicH, tHe yGS GroUP | (800) 290-5460 x148 liSt rEntal coNtAct yoUr territory MANAGer or: WAyNe NAGroWSki | (845) 201-5318 SCan thE CodE bElow to SubSCribE! Editor in ChiEf To comment on this editorial or to express your views on other matters, address your e-mail to 4 Impressions | February 2013 A Division of Nielsen

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Impressions - February 2013
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Impressions - February 2013