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talking SHOP 1. Create your design. Embroidery Technique How to Do Double-Sided Embroidery on Scarves Use this technique to create an appliqué to cover unsightly backing on a nice item’s back side. By Connie R. Smith, Contributing Writer 2. Add the appliqué outline. 3. Add your tack down and zigzag to stitch down the appliqué. Fig. 1 50 Impressions | February 2013 i ’ve embroidered many things in my embroidery career, but every time I finished a sewout on a scarf or blanket, I felt the item was unfinished. Seeing the back side of a nice item with backing showing left me thinking that there must be some way to make the embroidery look better from the back. After trying several different things, I came up with something called doublesided embroidery. This process adds an appliqué to the back side of the item and it covers up everything. In this article, I’ll show you the step-by-step process of how this is achieved. Before we start, it’s important to remember that whatever color thread you are going to use to stitch the appliqué border, you can wind a bobbin using that same color with L- and M-sized bobbins on a home machine or bobbin winder with great results. For this project I am doing a scarf with a monogram, and then I will use the same monogram on the appliqué for the back side. Simply put, the process involves three steps: creating the monogram, creating the shape of the appliqué you will be using around the monogram using a running stitch and adding a light zigzag stitch as a tack down for the appliqué (Figure 1). There also is another step, which involves using a statin stitch over the top of the appliqué. Now, let’s look at each of the steps involved in the process: The first step is making your appliqué. Take your monogram and stitch it — using a running stitch — onto your appliqué fabric. Cut out the appliqué just outside the running stitch. Next, hoop the scarf and embroider just the monogram on it. Drop the presser foot down and place a small piece of tape right under it to mark the center and start/ stop point. Take the scarf out of the hoop and cut away the excess backing from the back of the embroidery. Hoop the scarf again, this time with the back side of the embroidery facing up. Take a pin and push it through the piece of tape marking the center and place another piece of tape over it to mark the center on this side. Remove the pin and place the hoop on the machine. Move the presser foot over the tape so it will be in the center and you are ready to go. You can now do the rest just like you do any appliqué. Stitch the running stitch, place the appliqué down — you may need to use spray adhesive to hold it in place — stitch the light zigzag and then the satin stitch. The satin stitch on the appliqué will be a border around the monogram on the back side. Following are pictures describing each step of the process.

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