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talking SHOP Screen Printing Graphics & Design CorelDRAW X6 Boasts Screen Printer-Friendly Features This new software adds high value for a low upgrade cost. By Thomas Trimingham, Contributing Writer t he release of a software upgrade is common enough, but it is unusual for a developer to add features in its new version that will directly benefit the screen printing industry. In CorelDRAW’s latest version X6, multiple features were added that are especially geared toward the sign and screen printing industry to make graphic work faster, easier and smarter than ever. To cover all of the new benefits in X6 would take more time than allowed in this article, so I will focus on the elements that will benefit screen printers the most. First, there’s a new 64-bit engine under the hood. CorelDRAW X6 now supports the 64-bit processing speed and works up to 50% faster than before. Continuing support for the 32-bit version also is included so that the software stays compatible if necessary. Higher processing speed, combined with the ability to open images, convert files and import/export faster, means you will have extra time to develop graphics or get even more done in the same amount of time. In addition to harnessing the new powerful processors, this latest version of 54 Impressions | February 2013 These are two examples of graphics and effects that can be achieved in an easier manner with the CorelDRAW X6 upgrade. CorelDRAW has been redesigned to use the functionality of the latest multi-core processors so that you can be working on several projects at once, or continue working in the software while there are resource-intense operations going on in the background. This can enable the printing artist to create and develop items and test them with a process, instead of working on a basic job while the software finishes. SCREEN PRINTERS’ ADVANTAGES There are some specific features in the latest CorelDRAW that are particularly appealing to the screen printing industry because they can make the day-to-day art tasks easier. These new features seem to be some of the less-touted changes, but they were quickly adapted to and seemed in- dispensable if you switch back to an earlier version. The screen printing-friendly features are the new color styles docker, revised alignment guides, new typographic engine and updated object properties docker menu. The new color styles docker keeps a running display of a palette of colors that are currently in use in the working file that you are using in the CorelDRAW software. This has some big advantages to screen printing artists because it can help to keep an eye on how many colors you’re using. It also allows for quick replacement of these colors if edits are needed (Figure 1). The other possibility with this new option is that these colors can be saved in CorelDRAW’s new style sets menu. In a style set, you can save the colors in the

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Impressions - February 2013