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Shop SPOTLIGHT Capron Screen Printing & Graphic Design The Great Payoff What began as a quiet hobby has become a passionate livelihood. By Jennifer A. Morrell Jeremy Capron, owner of Capron Screen Printing & Graphic Design, operates the business from his basement. Standing on the quiet neighborhood street, it’s hard to imagine that a full-sized screen printing facility operates below the house. Capron Screen Printing & Graphic Design At A Glance Company Name: Capron Screen Printing & Graphic Design Address: 328 E. Washington St. Monticello, IA 52310 Founded: 2007 No. of Employees: 4 Decorating Methods Offered: Spot-color, simulated process, four-color process and index screen printing; heat transfers; graphic design; embroidery Company Website: j eremy Capron has heard it before. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. As it turns out, not only did he prove that adage to be true, but he also found a way to make money while abiding by it. When Capron started Monticello, Iowa-based Capron Screen Printing & Graphic Design in 2007, it was admittedly more of a hobby. But he always had an idea that he eventually could make it a full-time venture. “I kept it fairly hush-hush at first so I 46 Impressions | October/November 2013 could hone my skills,” Capron says. “I was mainly printing for friends and family. I got my first batch of equipment from a friend of mine who decided to sell his. I started with a six-color, two-station, no-name manual [screen printing] press, a Chaparral Industries 12-foot dryer and a fluorescent light table.” Capron was formally schooled in printing communications and graphics at nearby Kirkwood Community College. He even worked a few different jobs along the way — including some involving screen printing. But the bulk of his experience ranged from printing pens to decals and nameplates. After Capron was laid off from his last job, he decided the time had come to launch Capron Screen Printing & Graphic Design. “I was tired of not being in control of my own destiny and decided to take my business full-time,” he says. “I had actually gone back to my old job at the decal shop part-time, but got too busy with my own business. So I took a leap of faith. “It was pretty scary at first,” he continues, “waiting for the phone to ring — I’m married with children. But mainly through word of mouth, my business really has taken off in the past couple of years.” GROWING GAINS Capron operates the business from his home’s basement. Standing on the quiet neighborhood street out front, one would

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Impressions - October/November 2013
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Impressions - October/November 2013