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talking SHOP Screen Printing Production Update: Digital CTS Imaging Systems Computer-to-screen technology offers increased speed, better detailing, the elimination of films and more for medium and large screen print shops. By James Ortolani, Contributing Writer One advantage of using a CTS system is when an image is output directly onto the emulsion (on the screen), better detail can be achieved since there is no clear carrier film to diffuse the light during screen exposure process. Photo courtesy of Exile Technologies, Houston w e’ve come a long way since the days of hand-cut fi lms and film positives made in the darkroom for screen making. My fi rst introduction to a computer-to-screen (CTS) system dates back to the 1980s when my friend and colleague, Geoff McCue, called me and said, “I coated a screen, cut out an 81/2” x 111/2” section of the coated mesh 58 Impressions | October/November 2013 and ran this through my inkjet printer.” My reply was “OK, why did you do that?” He explained, “If I can print an image directly on this emulsion-coated piece of mesh, then it should be possible to image an emulsion-coated stretched screen on a static frame.” Little did I know that McCue was breaking new ground and on his way to inventing the first CTS imaging system. Later, he took his idea to a major manufacturer in the computer graphics industry and the technology that we know today as CTS imaging was born. (Editor’s Note: Some printers refer to this as the direct-to-screen process (DTS), but the most accepted industry terminology is CTS.)

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Impressions - October/November 2013
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Impressions - October/November 2013