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The radial edge of the squeegee refers to the rounded edges that come in contact with the screen’s surface during printing. The blade’s edge — in conjunction with the squeegee pressure, speed, durometer and angle — will determine the ink transfer onto the fabric surface. and angle — will determine the ink transfer onto the fabric surface. Although most textile screen printing situations will require you to use a sharp squeegee edge, coarse mesh counts will be required in some cases. This could occur when printing with large particle size metallics or glitters. The greatest amount of stress being applied to the screen is on the ends of the squeegee blade. Failure to round off these corners will result in premature stencil or screen mesh breakdown. Although the variables reviewed here appear basic, they often are overlooked and result in inconsistent print quality from run to run. In the fourth and final installation of this series (to be published in January 2014), we will review the variables of the flood bar and curing parameters. Rick Davis is the southeastern regional sales manager for Triangle Ink Co. He is a 35year veteran of the textile screen printing and apparel manufacturing industries. His background includes plant design, management, troubleshooting, apparel manufacturing and consulting. He also is a member of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology (ASPT). For more information or to comment on this article, email Rick at Suggested Reading Like this article? Read these other screen printing articles at • “Controlling Variables, Part 1” • “Controlling Variables, Part 2” • “Top 5 Considerations When Printing on Polyester” October/November 2013 | Impressions 65

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Impressions - October/November 2013