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WORK PLAY A SUPPLEMENT TO IMPRESSIONS MAGAZINE 1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009 (770) 569-1540, (800) 241-9034; Fax: (770) 569-5105 ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER: LAURIE GONZ (214) 290-9972 • EDITOR IN CHIEF: MARCIA DERRYBERRY (770) 291-5574 • SENIOR EDITOR: TERRY MURPHY (770) 291-5537 • MANAGING EDITOR: JAMAR LASTER (770) 291-5578 • ASSISTANT EDITOR: SUSIE MCMANUS (770) 291-5573 • CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: JAY BUSSELLE, ALICIA GRISWOLD, LUIZA RAPOSO AUDIENCE MARKETING MANAGER: ELAINE BARNES (770) 291-5423 • SALES DEVELOPMENT MARKETING MANAGER: CECE LOFT • (770) 291-5457 • SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER: MARIA KOZLOVA (770) 291-5575 • PRODUCTION DIRECTOR: NAN MCDOWELL (770) 291-5480 • PRODUCTION MANAGER: SHANNON PAGEL (770) 291-5481 • CUSTOMER SERVICE BACK ISSUES • (800) 697-8859 SUBSCRIPTIONS • (800) 697-8859 FOR REPRINTS THE YGS GROUP RAY TRYNOVICH • (800) 290-5460 x 148 LIST RENTAL LIST RENTAL PRODUCT MANAGER MICHELE WIESNER • (646) 654-7220 nyone who really knows me can tell you that I’m a sports enthusiast — and that’s putting it lightly. Usually it doesn’t matter what’s being played, but if it involves competition (i.e. there’s a winner and a loser), and a court, field or road course, I’m hooked at the sound of the first horn or whistle, or the word “Go!” However, my ability to appreciate the spirit of competition on the playing field doesn’t mean I necessary like to take part first-hand in all athletic endeavors. If I’m not able to devote time and effort to improving my skills at a particular sport, I prefer not to participate. For example, last year I got my first taste of slow-pitch By JAMAR LASTER softball courtesy of a workplace league in which my company participates annually. To make a long story short, it was clear from the first day that I was in over my head. From the swings and the misses to the bobbled would-be routine groundouts, I learned that either I was really bad, or everyone else was really good. And for a guy that has never invested in baseball cleats, a bat, a glove — or even played on a team — it’s hardly a surprise that the former is probably the logical conclusion. But don’t let my inability to hit a slow-moving softball take away from the point here: As hard as we all work, people are still playing sports. And while many companies are slashing marketing budgets and corporate sponsorships, as long as teams and leagues still exist, there are still opportunities for you, as a decorator, to find business. In this issue’s cover story, “The Corporate Game,” contributing writer Alicia Griswold explores ways in which decorators can find corporate team business in the face of an economy that has claimed more than a few decorators — especially small startups. Though you won’t make your living in the corporate team niche, it does represent an opportunity for repeat business that can complement the main niches you serve. So read on to fi nd out how you can hit a grand slam with these corporate teams and leagues. CONTENTSThe Corporate Game 132 131 127 128 126 133 121 124 130 120 123 122 125 129 AND FALL 2009 AD INDEX ADVERTISER A4 Augusta Sportswear Boxercraft Dalco Athletic Lettering Digital Art Solutions Hanes Printables Holloway Imprintables Warehouse Insta Graphics Pepco Poms Pizzazz Performance Wear Robison-Anton Textile Co., div. of A&E Stahls’ ID Direct Transfer Express INFO • ACTION HOTLINE: If you want informat ion about any of the advertisers in Team & Spirit Apparel, you can get it online. It’s fast, easy, free – and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here’s how it works: • Log on to, Click on the Info•Action icon. • Using the Ad Index on this page, select all the companies you wish to receive free information from. • Your requests are e-mailed immediately and directly to the companies you selected. PAGE # 20, CV3 CV2 16 16 12 9 5 10 19 CV4 13 7 11 17 INFO•ACTION # Though not a bread-andbutter niche, especially in a sour economy, there are ways to fi nd corporate team business and keep it in play. By Alicia Griswold, Contributing Writer How to Achieve Fundraising Success Use this approach to fundraising to maximize revenues for any group, as well as increase club or team spirit. By Jay Busselle, Contributing Writer and Technical Fabrics Lead Cheer Trends 8 Stock Styles Stay on top of recent developments in cheer uniforms, travel gear and accessories in order to gain pumped-up spiritwear sales. By Luiza Raposo, Contributing Writer Gear Bag THE The lines between the spiritwear and team markets are becoming more blurred every day. No matter what segments of these intertwined markets you serve, the following products are sure to be a hit this year for you and your customers. By Jamar Laster, Managing Editor COVER: Garments provided by S&S Activewear, Bolingbrook, Ill. Garment decoration courtesy of Stahls’ ID Direct, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Photography by Photoetude, Alpharetta, Ga. ON A Supplement to Impressions Fall 2009 • 1

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Impression - Team & Spirit Apparel - Fall 2009
The Corporate Game
Stock Styles and Technical Fabrics Lead Cheer Trends
How to Achieve Fundraising Success
Gear Bag

Impressions - Team & Spirit Apparel - Fall 2009