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Use this approach to fundraising to maximize revenues for any group, as well as increase club or team spirit. By Jay Busselle, Contributing Writer t never fails: With the start of school comes the annual school fundraiser. In my home, the number of fundraisers is multiplied by six — or more, depending on the number of extracurricular activities or clubs in which my children are participating each year. A few fundraisers with worthy causes from the past include wrapping paper, pizza, cookie dough, chocolate candy bars, candles, magazine subscriptions, and coupon or discount books of every size and kind. In most of these battles, we parents are guilttripped into buying something and usually pestered to drive to Grandma’s house to get the same results: The kids don’t even know what they’re raising funds for. But the fact remains that many schools, groups, teams and charitable organizations are in a constant cycle of raising funds for various purposes and activities. Apparel decorators and promotional product distributors are uniquely qualified to participate and win this business because they operate at a local level. They can provide apparel items and promotional products that have an actual daily use. Unlike wrapping paper or cookie dough, these items have a lasting value, build awareness and team spirit, and can be decked out with the graphic styles kids and parents actually want. I umbe ept n Conc ate: D By: itted Subm ate: Due D Desig n: r: 0 00008 009 6/27/2 e ussell Jay B 009 7/31/2 Reci 8-7 80-96 om ber: 4 designs.c rt e Num Phon jay@sma : Email or Fu pe F 121 isin ndra cc g Su ess UC S Color blue reflex 2915 PMS white PMS 805 PMS Chart : Notes :  Date ture Signa rized Autho USE A FUNDRAISING KIT There is a remarkable opportunity for fundraising that involves the creation of a kit that includes two, three or more imprinted apparel and promotional products, which are personalized for participants in a specific group or activities. Here’s how it works: Participants distribute a sales f lier 14 • Fall 2009   Forms like this can be included with the parent letter to showcase virtual samples of the decorated apparel and promotional items, some of which can be personalized products.  The $10-to-$15 price tier is perfect for decorated apparel like tank tops, T-shirts, hats, visors and beanies.

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Impression - Team & Spirit Apparel - Fall 2009
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Impressions - Team & Spirit Apparel - Fall 2009