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SPIRIT Inspired See how a Swiss online game developer and cheerleading enthusiast has found success in the spiritwear niche. By Lauren Mitchell, Associate Editor • Spirit Fever Brands Sàrl is comprised of three departments: Spirit Fever Fashion, Spirit Fever Event and Spirit Fever: The Game. CEO Joëlle Krummenacher runs the company out of a transformed garage. Spirit Fever At A Glance Company Name: Spirit Fever Brands Sàrl Address: Maupas 42B, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland Founded: 2006 Owner/President: Joëlle Krummenacher No. of Employees: 2 fixed, 3 on commission Services Offered: Custom uniforms and practice wear for cheerleaders (Spirit Fever Fashion), cheerleading competitions (Spirit Fever Events) and a free Internet game (Spirit Fever: The Game). Fun Fact about Spirit Fever Fashion: “When I worked on the free online game without salary, I received daily emails of angry players complaining about the speed of development and such,” Krummenacher says. “Now that I get paid to supply uniforms, I regularly get praised on how my services are great; I get thanked for helping them. It’s much more rewarding.” 12 • Fall 2013 W hen Joëlle Krummenacher fi rst launched her Switzerland-based company, Spirit Fever, she hoped to merge her two passions: cheerleading and computer games. Putting her master’s degree in computer science to use, the cheerleading athlete and coach created an online game where fellow fanatics could train their own cheerleading teams and learn safe cheer practices. What began as a fun project, however, soon took a surprising turn, becoming a full-blown business — a decorated apparel business, at that. After dedicating three years of evenings, weekends and vacations to the Spirit Fever online game, Krummenacher began brainstorming ways she could profit from her new creation. One of her initial business models involved offering players the chance to purchase uniforms similar to those they customized for their teams in the game. She began looking into the possibility, researching manufacturers and cost. “Even before I could start proposing this service to my players, however, my friends on other cheerleading teams around me started asking me to create uniforms for their team, as I spoke the same language (French) as them and I was cheaper than the suppliers in Germany,” says Krummenacher. Thanks to the power of word-of-mouth advertising, she found herself slowly putting the game development on hold and dedicating her time to this more lucrative fashion venture.

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Impressions - Team & Spirit Apparel - Fall 2013
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Impressions - Team & Spirit Apparel - Fall 2013