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Present but Unproductive The Trouble with Presenteeism in the Workplace By Yvonne Ventresca ou’ve been up all night, coughing and sniffling. When the alarm goes off, you topple over a tower of tissues on your nightstand while hitting the “off ” button. Your head is pounding and you’re miserable. Do you call in sick? No, you dutifully go to work. In the past, management frequently viewed this as a sign of commitment. “What a trooper,” the boss would say. But research has shown that it might be better for everyone if you just stayed in bed, instead of providing an example of what experts call “presenteeism.” What is presenteeism? According to, a Web site devoted to neologisms, it is “the feeling that one must show up for work even if one is too sick, stressed, or distracted to be productive; the feeling that one needs to work extra hours even if one has no extra work to do.” Managers are familiar with absenteeism, the productivity loss associated with employees who stay home from work. And many incentive programs encourage perfect attendance through rewards. However, the hidden costs of presenteeism are often less analyzed, despite its prevalence. “The majority of Y 48 | Incentive | January 2008 |

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Incentive - January 2008
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Incentive - January 2008