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FUN BY BEN CHAPMAN AND GAMES nice touches aren’t just the domain of boutique companies or those on the bleeding edge. Big-name companies also execute extremely effective soft incentives, according to Dan Schawbel, a social media specialist at EMC Corporation, a $35 billion IT firm headquartered in Boston. For example, says Schawbel, “eBay sets aside spaces at two of its San Jose campuses, decorated in earth tones with plump pillows and tatami floor mats, as prayer and meditation rooms so employees can decompress during the workday.” Google provides employees bonuses toward the purchase of a hybrid or electric car, and Microsoft offers dry cleaning and postal services at its Redmond, Wash., campus, plus free grocery delivery. Indeed, highly motivated workplaces exist in all corners of industry. Read on for a few notable stories of soft incentives that contribute to organizational success. How some companies are finding success with soft benefits tidy cash bonus once a year is nice, but it seems awfully boring when you think of the creative soft benefits that some companies employ, like rooftop volleyball courts, doggy day care and locally sourced organic foods, to name just a few. In fact, soft incentives like these might be coming to an office near you. That’s because more and more firms are using creative approaches to incentives in the workplace. These factors are powerful motivators for employees, and are being used as effective counterparts to travel or merchandise incentives. And workplaces loaded with A PROGRAMMED FOR MOTIVATION Bellevue, Wash.–based software company Zango has a colorful corporate headquarters that helps motivate its highly creative employees. Vice president of human resources Ring Nishioka helps manage a variety of soft incentives designed to create an optimal environment for the company’s 28 | Incentive | June 2008 |

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Incentive - June 2008
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Incentive - June 2008