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ALL FOR ONE Empowering Employees Fosters Loyalty BY CAROL PATTON L ast August, Chris Eversole was listening to a speech in which his boss asked employees to take on significantly more work for no pay. Far from being insulted, Eversole was intrigued. At the time, John Elsey, president of ESI International, an Arlington, Va.–based firm that offers training solutions to employers in 80 different countries, told his staff that he was forming a president’s council, composed of employees who held different jobs, at different levels, with different degrees of tenure, to brainstorm unique ways to move the organization forward. Eversole, a program manager at ESI, was interested. “For John to be forward-thinking enough to want to solicit the advice of different people within the organization other than just his executive team, that alone to me was motivating,” he says. Since then, Eversole, who is 41 and has worked for the company for one year, has been an active council member and has donated more than 100 hours of his time— over and above the daily responsibilities of his full-time job—to help his employer create business strategies that distinguish it from its competitors. “There is no telling what kind of value | June 2008 | Incentive | 31

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Incentive - June 2008
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Incentive - June 2008