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JUNE 2008 EDITOR’S NOTE The Experts Speak or the past six years, Incentive magazine has held a roundtable with industry experts whose job descriptions have spanned the motivation business. This year was no different. Our Seventh Annual Industry Roundtable included folks from incentive houses, hotels and certificate companies. We had merchandise reps, incentive travel planners and a corporate planner. The experience in that room was massive. We should have asked everyone how long they’d been in the incentive business, because it probably would have been about 300 years combined. I’ve been in the industry since 1986 myself…eee gads! Leo Jakobson, Alex Palmer and I sat around talking with Empty chairs at empty tables. them about trends (green, socially responsible programs and Jennifer Juergens before the Roundtable at the Millennium Hotel in wellness, among others). Of course we had to talk about the New York City; the cover shot where recession and its effect on incentive programs, such as the the seats are filled is the “after” shot banking industry cutting its travel programs. The Roundtable lasted about two hours, so we couldn’t possibly include everything in the magazine itself (see page 16); the story jumps to our Website. I’d love to hear what you think after checking it out: That’s not all that there is in the issue, though. Not by a long shot. Our Incentive Interview by Andrea Doyle features Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden, authors of Contented Cows Moove Faster. I got to hear Bill at the Recognition Professionals International conference recently in Newport Beach, Calif., and now I’m dying to read the book. They write about Marriott, Southwest Airlines and Chick-fil-A, as organizations that “get it.” Unfortunately, they say, most don’t. See page 24 for the full story. Our primer was written by Derek Irvine, vice president of global strategy for Globoforce. He says underperforming and disengaged employees are contagious: “Disengaged employees cause productivity levels to drop, company morale to plummet and can even destroy a company’s ability to recruit new talent.” How do you combat disengagement? Read Derek’s column on page 38. This is a must-read for managers. As always, check out our Web site,, for more columns from industry experts, Q&As and a whole lotta extras on some of our featured features. Editorial and Executive Offices 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9595 (646) 654-4500, Fax (646) 654-7650 Group Publisher Daniel J. Corcoran F EDITORIAL (646) 654-4500 Editor in Chief Jennifer Juergens (646) 654-4485 Senior Editor Leo Jakobson Managing Editor Alex Palmer Online Editor Stacy Straczynski Contributing Editor Julie Barker Editor at Large Jeanie Casison Special Projects Director Karen Gines Research Director Nancy Lazarus ART Art Director Jennifer Ruf (646) 654-7704 PRODUCTION Production Manager Anita Wise (646) 654-7298 CIRCULATION, SUBSCRIPTION & ADDRESS CHANGES (847) 763-9050, Fax (847) 763-9037, E-mail LIST RENTAL Postal info (845) 731-2731, E-mail info (845) 731-3854 REPRINTS Mike Shober (800) 290-5460 x129, PERMISSIONS & LICENSING Barbara Grieninger (646) 654-4675, MEDIA KIT ADVERTISING Associate Publisher Monique Agaliotis (646) 654-7638 Central Midwest Marvel Jasnoch (507) 663-1480 Great Lakes Region Jason Wafalosky (610) 792-2481 West Coast Peter Edmunds (714) 963-3499 International Ad Director, Southeast, Caribbean Sharon Waters (301) 318-4580 Travel only-Hawaii Sharon Freeark (626) 578-0700 MARKETING Marketing Director Robert Kuwada (646) 654-5159 Marketing Associate Jennifer Ginsberg (646) 654-7210 Enjoy the issue. President: Greg Farrar • Senior Vice President, Human Resources: Michael Alicea • Senior Vice President, Marketing: Mark Hosbein • Senior Vice President, Finance: Derek Irwin • Senior Vice President, Entertainment: Gerry Byrne • Senior Vice President, Marketing, Media & Visual Arts: Sabrina Crow • Senior Vice President, Retail: David Loechner • Senior Vice President, Online: Linda McCutcheon • Senior Vice President, Building & Design: Joe Randall • Senior Vice President, Central Services: Mary Kay Sustek • Vice President, Licensing: Howard Appelbaum • Vice President, Manufacturing & Distribution: Jennifer Grego • Vice President, Audience Marketing: Joanne Wheatley Jennifer Juergens Editor in Chief 6| Incentive | June 2008 | Photo: Daria Amato

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Incentive - June 2008
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Incentive - June 2008