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AWARDS One Card, Many Options Gift card incentive rewards now feature multi-merchant models By Maya Dollarhide s the market for gift cards continues to rapidly expand, with sales estimated to reach the $100 billion mark this year, companies are continually searching for creative ways to enhance the cards. A decade ago, gift cards functioned in a single way— redeem a single-ticket item, much like old-school gift certifi- A Illustration: Mark Armstrong cates. But today’s cards go far beyond one-shot gifts. Now some companies are offering one card with many options, which some experts say is a better way to confer spot rewards. “One card with several purses on it is a real trend right now,” says Jean Lansberg, research specialist, First Data Corporation, a provider of payment solutions based in Greenwood Village, Colo. “People don’t want to carry around five different gift cards they received as spot rewards in their wallets. They want one card that can be used in a variety of ways, even at a variety of merchants. For example, they could have a Starbucks/Apple card or a gas card attached to a McDonald’s card. Right now, our company is piloting a couple of merchants to offer a card that can be redeemed at any of their stores.” Lansberg could not reveal the merchants involved in the pilot program, but the card will be a multi-purse that contains many shopping options. While cobranding on a card is not a new phenomenon, five or more | June 2008 | Incentive | 87

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Incentive - June 2008
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Incentive - June 2008