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INTERVIEW What If? By Andrea Doyle Steve Robbins speaks to groups on diversity and inclusion from firsthand experience hat if ? These two simple words can be the key to open-mindedness, an important trait necessary to succeed in the 21st century, says Steve L. Robbins, Ph.D., a speaker, professor, writer and consultant. • What if…the world isn’t as we think it is? • What if…we were humble enough to admit our mistakes— and courageous enough to correct them? • What if…we more often did as we aspire to do? • What if…we could listen more and judge less? • What if…we could be more flexible and adaptable? • What if…every day we told someone that we value him or her? These are the questions that jump-start conversations required to overcome one’s inability to reconcile unity with diversity, uniqueness with uniformity, certainty with curiosity, W explains Robbins, questions that will help overcome obstacles toward diversity and inclusion. Although diversity and inclusion are important to Robbins, they are not his main focus. “My main message is about being open-minded and willing to entertain new and novel things in people. We will not get very far on the road of diversity and inclusion without being between men and women, failure to develop an open-minded and respectful organization that takes people’s needs into account makes us less efficient and hampers our ability to com- “It’s difficult to truly recognize and value people when you don’t know them well.” –Steve L. Robbins, Ph.D. open-minded. It is a definite prerequisite,” he explains. He focuses on the building blocks of a productive workplace. “Whether the differences are between people of color and white folks, between Baby Boomers and Generation Y, or pete with organizations that have created truly inclusive and conducive environments,” Robbins writes in his book, What If ? Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue. “An inclusive environment that respects the many, as well as the few, is the hallmark of a successful organization in the 21st century.” Robbins understands too well what it is like to be excluded. He was born Long Nguyen in Saigon in 1965. His dad had died in the Vietnam War, his mother told him. She wanted 26 | Incentive | August 2008 |

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Incentive - August 2008
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Cover Story: Amgen and Avnet, a Pair of Fortune 200 companies, are taking two very Different Approaches to Rolling out a Global Recognition Program
Incentive Interview: Author, Speaker, Professor, Refugee; Steve L. Robbins’ many hats have led him to ask, “What if ... The World isn’t as We Think It Is?”
Case Study: Rudi’s Organic Bakery Found that an incentive trip with a Strong Social Responsibility Component Works Wonders
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Incentive - August 2008