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Dotted Line Sign on the Hospitals are using employee contracts to get performances up to a high standard BY VIRGINIA RANDALL W hen Quint Studer, then CEO at Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, found himself picking up a plastic bag left in the bushes at a McDonald’s, he wasn’t just being a good citizen—he was complying with a contract with his employees—on his own time. “Our Standards of Behavior Agreement specified that anyone who saw a piece of paper on the floor in the hospital should pick it up,” he explains. “I signed it along with everyone else, and some of my employees might have been there in the lot.” Studer, the founder of Studer Group, a Gulf Breeze, Fla.–based health care consulting firm, now works to develop and implement standards of behavior that have reduced employee turnover and improved customer satisfaction in the particularly demanding field of health care, serving hundreds of health care systems, hospitals and medical groups since the firm’s inception in 1999. Studer’s solution is simple and amazingly effective. He recommends that organizations develop a Standards of Behavior contract and have everyone, from CEO to receptionist, sign it. This document can address any and all aspects of behavior at work, from interaction with clients to phone etiquette to “good manners” (knocking on doors) to “positive attitude” markers (smiling or saying thank you). Based on his best-selling book, Results That Last: Hardwiring Behaviors That Will Take Your Company to the Top, the standards have made a huge difference in employee morale and customer satisfaction and are useful in any industry. According to Linda Deering, 20 | Incentive | April 2009 | Illustration: Mark Brewer

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Incentive - April 2009
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Cover Story: Penn Mutual Stands By Its Incentives
Defending Incentives
Primer: Merchandise 101
Employee Contracts Work
Gift Card Roundtable
Incentive Strategies
Endo Pharmaceuticals
Travel News: Where To Go
Caribbean: Idyllic Deals
Cruises: Value Ahoy!
Potentials: Here and Now
Cameras: Smart and Active
Merchandise IQ Survey
Incentive Merchandise Buyer’s Guide

Incentive - April 2009