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MAY 2009 EDITOR’S NOTE Measure Twice, Cut Once t’s an adage that goes back to medieval times. Basically, it means: figure out what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, before embarking on any course of action. The world was a lot simpler back then. If in fact it’s been estimated that the Sunday edition of The New York Times contains more information than a person living in the Middle Ages would have processed in an entire lifetime. But I guarantee you this: 99.9 percent of that information can’t Editor In Chief Vincent Alonzo come anywhere near the value of, “Measure twice, cut once.” It was a rule of thumb that unfortunately many top executives were ignoring for much of the last quarter of 2008 and first quarter of this year as they hastily cancelled incentives and other events after seeing the press attacks on AIG, Wells Fargo, and Northern Trust in the Sunday Times and other print and electronic media outlets. On page 24 in this issue, we have an edited transcript of a roundtable Senior Editor Leo Jakobson conducted with five incentive house leaders who say that many of their clients are starting to come back to their senses and are regretting their knee-jerk reactions. They are realizing that you can’t just do away with motivating and engaging a workforce or a b-to-b business partner. That’s what our cover story on page 10 is about too. In it, Contributing Editor Andrea Doyle spoke to top executives at Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Microsoft, and CA Inc. about programs they forged ahead with at the height of the anti-incentive frenzy in the media. What did these three companies have in common? Two things: the vision to see the ramifications of disengaging from their employees and channel partners; and the courage to stand their ground against a tidal wave of condemnation and do what was right for their businesses. And their workers, their business partners, and the economy are better off because of it. Their stories are a blueprint for how to properly deal with the public’s misperception of motivation programs. If more companies followed their example, HR departments across this country probably would not be laying off employees in record numbers. That’s a job that no one wants to have right now. In addition to laying off employees, HR personnel have the unenviable task of keeping those left behind motivated. The June issue of Incentive will include an HR Guide to Incentives. Part of it will include a survey on the current state of employee recognition. If you are involved in organizing your organization’s recognition program, please take a moment to visit and complete the survey. It will help us to help you to measure twice before you cut. Editorial and Executive Offices 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9595 (646) 654-4500, Fax (646) 654-7650 Vice President & Group Publisher Nella Veldran (646) 654-7325, I EDITORIAL (646) 654-4500 Editor In Chief Vincent Alonzo (646) 654-7361, Senior Editor Leo Jakobson (646) 654-7642, Managing Editor Alex Palmer (646) 654-4435, Contributing Editor Andrea Doyle (201) 225-2538, Online Editor Stacy Straczynski (646) 654-7336, Special Projects Director Karen Gines (646) 654-7647, Research Director Nancy Lazarus (646) 654-7272, ART Art Director Michael Strong (646) 654-7471, PRODUCTION Production Manager Anita Wise (646) 654-7298, CIRCULATION, SUBSCRIPTION & ADDRESS CHANGES (847) 763-9050, Fax (847) 763-9037, E-mail LIST RENTAL Postal info (845) 731-2731, E-mail info (845) 731-3854 REPRINTS Mike Shober (800) 290-5460 x129, PERMISSIONS & LICENSING Barbara Grieninger (646) 654-4675, MEDIA KIT ADVERTISING Associate Publisher Monique Agaliotis (646) 654-7638, Midwest Marvel Jasnoch (507) 663-1480, Florida Arthur Hyman (561) 736-5374, West Coast and Hawaii Peter Edmunds (714) 963-3499, International/Caribbean Diane DiMaggio (646) 654-7332, MARKETING Marketing Director Robert Kuwada (646) 654-5159, Vincent Alonzo Editor In Chief President: Greg Farrar • Senior Vice President, Human Resources: Michael Alicea • Senior Vice President, Finance: Sloane Googin • Senior Vice President, Marketing: Mark Hosbein • Senior Vice President, Media & Entertainment: Gerry Byrne • Senior Vice President, Brand Media & Corporate Development: Sabrina Crow • Senior Vice President, Retail: David Loechner • Senior Vice President, Building & Design: Joe Randall • Senior Vice President, Central Services: Mary Kay Sustek • Vice President, Licensing: Howard Appelbaum • Vice President, Manufacturing & Distribution: Jennifer Grego • Vice President, Audience Marketing: Joanne Wheatley 4| Incentive | May 2009 |

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Incentive - May 2009
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Incentive - May 2009