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GIFT CARDS Case Study: Gift Cards Encourage Employee Wellness at Archdiocese of Boston After revamping its wellness incentive program, the non-profit organization saw a huge boost in participation By Alex Palmer T he Archdiocese of Boston takes health seriously. With six Catholic hospitals in addition to its numerous offices and schools in the New England area, the religious organization’s leadership decided in 2007 to motivate their employees to practice the healthy living they had always urged to patients. For its inaugural year, the Archdiocese’s wellness incentive program was run through its health insurer—the Tufts Health Plan—with help from Mercer Consulting and HealthMedia. These partners contracted Hallmark Insights to award gift cards to hospital employees, office staff and teachers who filled out health risk assessment forms (HRAs). The goal was to raise employees’ awareness of their own healthy or unhealthy behaviors, boost productivity at work, as well as reduce the organization’s healthcare expenses in the longer term. “It worked out very well, but we did not have a big turnout,” says Mary Regan, director of benefits for the Archdiocese of Boston. Of 8,000 eligible employees, only 1,102 filled out their HRAs for the year. “We said, ‘this isn’t good,’ so we started looking at different ways in 2008 to get more people involved.” At that point, Regan began brainstorming with the other wellness partners, and spoke directly to Hallmark Insights. While the incentive supplier’s awards had been used in the Archdiocese’s wellness program, it had been through the 70 | Incentive | May 2009 |

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Incentive - May 2009
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Incentive - May 2009