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COVER STORY A Masterful Performance Aspen Marketing Services created a sales training incentive for Motorola and took the top spot in the First Annual Motivation Masters Awards By Leo Jakobson I Photography by Art Carrillo he Grand Master winner of Incentive’s Motivation Master of the Year award for 2009 is…Aspen Marketing Services and Motorola for “Motorola and Sprint Training Incentive,” a program designed to increase both the sale of Motorola mobile phone handsets in Sprint Nextel stores and the number of salespeople in those stores who complete training about the latest Motorola models. Motorola’s goal was to have 20 percent of the slightly more than 5,000 eligible Sprint sales reps in three targeted regions actively participate. In fact, nearly 1,850 completed the three training modules and associated role playing exercises, passed the tests with scores of at least 80 percent, and met their sales quota—better than 36 percent. And Motorola sold 150 percent more handsets to Sprint customers during T the three months the program ran than they did in the previous quarter—nearly 2,000 more sales in all. First and foremost, the channel sales/training program was a winner because it was creative, says Mark Wollney, executive vice president of digital for Aspen Marketing Services. “You’ve got to break through the clutter,” Wollney says. “There are a lot of marketing messages to these sales reps on a daily basis.” The Kickoff Drawing on the fact that both Sprint and Motorola are partners of the National Football League, the incentive program took place during 2008 football season, and football was a good fit for the demographic of the sales reps, Aspen Marketing Services wrapped the contest in a Super Bowl XLIII theme. This climaxed with a grand prize drawing for all Sprint reps who passed the training and their sales quotas for a trip for two to the Super Bowl. Other prizes included $50 gift cards and SuperBowl tailgate party packages for eligible Sprint stores—those in which 100 percent of the sales team successfully completed the training. Aspen Marketing Services created an online “locker room” as the program’s home on the Web, which was high-end, using plenty of rich media. “The training was a pep talk before they go onto the field,” Wollney says. “It is telling them, ‘What I need to do to win.’ It was informative, but lively and fun. Football speaks to the competitive nature of the sales reps—they are going up against other reps.” Aspen Marketing worked with both Motorola and its partner, Sprint, to market the program and 10 | Incentive | January/February 2010 |

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Incentive - January/February 2010
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Incentive - January/February 2010