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Reader Forecast Worth the Cost 2010 Reader Forecast Survey predicts fewer incentive programs despite big benefits BY LEO JAKOBSON M ore incentive programs will have budgets cut than increased in 2010, but companies that maintained programs in 2009 say they gained a competitive advantage. This was particularly clear in sales programs, where nearly two-thirds of the respondents who kept their incentives going say they stole a march on competitors— regardless of whether they were using travel, merchandise, or gift cards. Indeed, more companies maintained employee sales programs, and fewer eliminated them altogether than any other category last year. Yet, sales incentive budgets were cut in roughly the same percentage as channel and non-sales programs: one in five. So how do our respondents plan to maintain and improve motivation and loyalty this year? We asked that as an open-ended question, and the results are probably what you’d expect—as you’ll see if you visit www.incentivemag. com/ReaderForecast. These include: • More recognition, both private and public • More frequent and more open communications • Small morale-building events • “Not laying anyone off ” was also a frequently given answer. How does your 2010 travel, merchandise, and gift card incentive budget compare to 2009? Increased Unchanged Decreased Eliminated N/A 24.1 % 33.8 % 14.8 % 11.7 % 15.6 % 6.0 % 13.6 % 29.9 % 22.0 % 28.5 % For complete results of this year’s Reader Forecast survey, please visit INCENTIVEMAG.COM/READERFORECAST 32.4% 8.2 % 15.0 % 22.6% 21.8 % 16 | Incentive | January/February 2010 |

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Incentive - January/February 2010
Editor’s Note: Shift Happens
Cover Story: Incentive’s 2009 Grand Motivation Master Winner
7 Steps for Running a Non-Sales Program
Original Research: Incentive’s 2010 Reader Forecast Survey
Primer: 3 Tips for Getting Through Airport Security
Strategies: Calculations and Conversations
Travel News: Where to Go
CityCenter Opens, Aiming to Redefine Las Vegas(Again)
Bermuda Still Works
Potentials: Here and Now
Electronics: The Revolution Will Be 3D!
Online Gift Cards Make It Easy

Incentive - January/February 2010