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JANUARY/FEBR UARY 2010 EDITOR’S NOTE Shift Happens attended a conference recently where I heard a great speaker. He’s futurist David Houle. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you soon will because he’s about to become Oprah Winfrey’s online futurist. I was fortunate enough to hear him speak during the final breakout session of the day. It was a fascinating discussion of the “shift age,” which Houle defines as the new era we are now moving into as we leave the information age. As the information age gives way to the shift age, we are entering a time of transformation and change that offers both great risk and incredible opportunity. Why do things happen so fast? Why do we feel unsettled, even out of control? These are all issues that are vital to professionals who are charged with the task of motivating, rewarding, or building relationships with employees, business partners, or consumers. Houle identifies and explains the dynamics and forces that already have reshaped and will continue to reshape our world for the next 20 years. I can’t do justice to the topic in this short space, but in brief, the three forces of the shift age are the flow of economic, cultural, and political issues from a national to a global context; the declining value of institutions and the increasing value of individual performance; and the acceleration of connectedness through electronic media. That’s the bare bones of it. A meatier version can be found at He has a great message that can help any businessperson struggling to get a handle on all the change we’re inundated with get a clearer idea of which direction to go next. And while we’re speaking about the importance of connectedness, this month’s cover story on page 10 is a look at the Grand Master winner of Incentive’s 2009 Motivation Masters award that was presented in December in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The program was the “Motorola and Sprint Training Incentive.” It was a great program that connected the performance of store managers and their associates to the earning of rewards. In order for managers to earn their incentive rewards, they had to motivate their associates to engage in online product training. The associates were rewarded for successfully completing the training. And Motorola partnered with Sprint to deliver the program’s communication to tie the goals together. It’s a great example of how the power of individual performance can be harnessed and enhanced through the communication that’s possible through today’s technology. Houle is right. The shift age is here. Editorial and Executive Offices 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9595 (646) 654-4500, Fax (646) 654-7650 Vice President & Group Publisher Nella Veldran (646) 654-7325, EDITORIAL Editor In Chief Vincent Alonzo (646) 654-7361, Senior Editor Leo Jakobson (646) 654-7642, Managing Editor William Ng (646) 654-4451, Contributing Editors Andrea Doyle (201) 483-7227,; Kinley Levack (646) 654-4436, Special Projects Director Karen Gines (646) 654-7647, I ART Art Director Jennifer Ruf (646) 654-7704, PRODUCTION Production Manager Anita Wise (646) 654-7298, CIRCULATION, SUBSCRIPTION & ADDRESS CHANGES (847) 763-9050, Fa x (847) 763-9037, E-mail LIST RENTAL Postal info (845) 731-2731, E-mail info (845) 731-3854 REPRINTS Diana Sholl (800) 501-9571 x162, PERMISSIONS & LICENSING Barbara Grieninger (646) 654-4675, MEDIA KIT ADVERTISING Associate Publisher Monique Agaliotis (646) 654-7638, Midwest Marvel Jasnoch (507) 663-1480, Florida Arthur Hyman (561) 736-5374, West Coast and Hawaii Peter Edmunds (714) 963-3499, International/Caribbean Diane DiMaggio (646) 654-7332, MARKETING Marketing Director Robert Kuwada (646) 654-5159, Vincent Alonzo Editor In Chief President: Greg Farrar Senior Vice President, Human Resources: Michael Alicea Senior Vice President, Brand Media: Andrew Bilbao Senior Vice President, Media & Entertainment: Gerry Byrne Senior Vice President, Finance: Sloane Googin Senior Vice President, Retail: David Loechner Senior Vice President, Content: Scott McKenzie Senior Vice President, Building & Design: Joe Randall Senior Vice President, Central Ser vices: Mary Kay Sustek Chief Operating Officer, Entertainment: Howard Appelbaum Vice President, Manufacturing & Distribution: Jennifer Grego Vice President, Licensing: Andrew Min Vice President, Client Marketing: Sue Tremblay Vice President, Audience Marketing: Joanne Wheatley 4 | Incentive | January/February 2010 |

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Incentive - January/February 2010
Editor’s Note: Shift Happens
Cover Story: Incentive’s 2009 Grand Motivation Master Winner
7 Steps for Running a Non-Sales Program
Original Research: Incentive’s 2010 Reader Forecast Survey
Primer: 3 Tips for Getting Through Airport Security
Strategies: Calculations and Conversations
Travel News: Where to Go
CityCenter Opens, Aiming to Redefine Las Vegas(Again)
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Potentials: Here and Now
Electronics: The Revolution Will Be 3D!
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Incentive - January/February 2010