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INSIDE THE INDUSTRY ACTE takes on the DHS p. 6 PEOPLE MAKING NEWS In memoriam: Mike Dimond p. 7 LIVE FROM THE FORUM Commissionable vs. non-com p.27 CHEF TALK Sure Bet: Chef Geoffrey Zakarian brings top service to Atlantic City’s Water Club page 10 MeetingNews w w w. M e e t i n g N e w s . c o m July 7, 2008 July 16, 2007 Eastern Promises Will future groups from China present obstacles or opportunities to the meetings industry? By Terri Hardin Hotels & Resorts STARWOOD BRAIN DRAIN IS A GAIN FOR HILTON Two W execs move to Hilton to get the company stronger in the luxe and lifestyle niches. see page 12 Transportation & Svcs GROUNDED FOR COST CUTTING MEASURES Airlines slash flights and take whole fleets out of service in another effort to cut spending. see page 17 Washington DC—Following a U.S. visit last month by the first leisure tour group from China—sanctioned by the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade— meeting business from China may not be very far behind. On June 9, more than 200 visitors from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou were welcomed during a gala reception in Washington, DC, that included Shao Qiwei, Chairman, China National Tourism Administration, U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China Clark Randt, U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Travel Industry Association President and CEO Roger Dow, National Tour Association Chairman and CEO Bob Hoelscher, and NTA President Lisa Simon. The Chinese travelers toured Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and San Francisco. “Competition for the Chinese traveler is continued on page 26 Shao Qiwei, chair, CNTA, with Carlos Gutierrez, secy, U.S. Dept. of Commerce FONTAINEBLEAU READIES TO DAZZLE WITH TECHNOLOGY Upcoming Miami and Las Vegas hotels to feature an iMac in every room. see page 12 SINGER ESTEFAN OPENS A CONFERENCE CENTER New facility in Florida to be run by Benchmark Hospitality. see page 12 CARRYING BAGGAGE Recent assessing of fees on checked bags could dramatically hurt meetings and be the breaking point for planners. see page 17 International EUROPEAN SHOWS ARE GOING GANGBUSTERS EIBTM expands, ICCA moves to Leipzig. see page 18 CVBs CVBS NATIONWIDE BOOST WEB PRESENCE Destination Insider FLORIDA GULF COAST Region address fuel costs; Q&A with Tampa’ s Norwood Smith; Hyatt Regency Sarasota gets makeover; scientist group visits Keys and Everglades and finds much to offer. see page 21 GAMING Happenings in Mississippi, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. see page 24 MeetingNews ExclusiveResearch What challenges do you most associate with meeting planning? Cost containment Not being recognized for contributions to the organization Keeping up with all the latest meeting options Being blamed for meeting related disasters Always being on the road Other 9.1% 11.6% 37.7% 33.6% 58.5% Nevada Development Booms into 2009 Megaresorts slated to pop up in Las Vegas and Reno/Tahoe By Marc Boisclair Destinations cast new websites to lure groups. see page 15 ATLANTA LOOKS TO THE SHORT TERM The city is working to fill holes in its schedule. see page 15 Convention Centers WHY THEY’RE GREAT MeetingNews talks to architect Donald Grinberg. see page 16 24.2% Volume 32/Number 12/$10.00 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Source: MeetingNews survey of 318 meeting planners Never A Dull Moment Meeting planners of all types find their jobs challenging, enriching, varied, and—sometimes—a little see page 20 too exciting. Las Vegas—Elsewhere, the country’s moribund dollar and recessive real estate market is slowing development. But in Nevada, construction cranes are busy drawing a new line in the sand, working hard for a slew of 2009 openings. Hard hats aside, the numbers speak volumes: $1 billion-plus in financing for at least 10 ongoing Reno-Tahoe projects, plus a whopping $25 billion on the books through 2009 for Las Vegas. continued on page 24

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