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have you seen? Check out some of the latest green options from your fellow members Get nautical with Palecek’s Glass Fish on a metal stand or wood base. Made out of recycled glass, the piece’s tones vary—including a shade of blue, green, and gray. Designtex introduces Environmental Design (ED) developed by the company’s Environmental Strategies team. The Hula Hoop pattern, a green fabric, is shown here. MDC Wallcoverings’ new Angela Adams’ line of eco-friendly wallcoverings will offer 100 choices. The launch, set for September, will include Bamboo Fiddlehead, a pattern, shown here. Scandatex from Seabrook are made from natural materials including sand, soda, lime, and clay, which are spun into glass textiles and stiffened with potato starch. Designed by Bo Loander, the collection is offered in an extensive range of textures including the six newest: Bamboo, Kimono, Linen, Squares, Vision, and Wave. The textile is available in multiple colors, faux finishes, and metallic highlights, is Oeko-Tex certified, and contributes to LEED EQ credits 3.2 and 6.0. 12 september 2008 tel 800.593.NEWH Architex unveils a new green line of fabrics with the Ocean pattern shown here. Other patterns include Web, Bark, and Twigs, all designed by Maine-based designer Angela Adams, which are inspired by nature. Beaufurn introduces a new line of soybean-based foam to fill cushions and sofas. The foam, called Preserve HR, replaces a portion of its petroleum-based ingredients with a material made from soybeans, a sustainable, renewable resource, which provides cushioning that is comparable to oil-based foam products found on the market today.

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NEWH - September 2008
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NEWH - September 2008